Virtue Signalling

September 25, 2019-

So, a short, intense teenager with Asperger’s Syndrome (something I share) is triggering,to middle-aged Europeans and North Americans, with time on their hands, fear in their hearts and next-to-nothing in the way of solutions to the issue (very broad and general, mind you) that she has raised.  The fact is that the market place is full of, and is implementing, a good many solutions to the problems posed by climate change.

It’s said that the child is being abused, being trotted out by minders whose ultimate goal is world dominance.  Funny, that she has never heard of George Soros, or the Koch Brothers, that she knows Leonardo DiCaprio only from an odd movie or television rerun and has met Prince Charles and Al Gore-once each.  She shows no sign of being forced to do this work, against her will, and gives no hint of making this into a high profile Virtue-Signalling crusade.  She is making a Primal Scream, with no other agenda,except that those who will inherit a goodly mess need to have some say in how it is cleaned up.  She does not favour the chimeric Green New Deal or other nebulous proposals.  In fact, she told her interviewer that she does not relish the limelight. She will go back to her schooling, in a few weeks, after the return trip.

This whole charade by some, but by no means all, on the Far Right says more about their terror at being inconvenienced, that their nagging little voice saying “Children should be seen and not heard!!” is taking over their reasoning.

It is a frightening thing, this vision of oceanic flooding, frying soil and widespread chaos.  The last thing anyone should be doing, though, is attacking the messenger. Greta does not have the education or reasoning skills to devise solutions, as yet.  None of that makes her campaign any less valid.  Adults will need to take the lead on devising and implementing solutions.  Here’s one such, in fact:  Scot Presler, a political conservative, has recently organized and conducted three large-scale clean-ups of blighted areas, in Baltimore, in Newark and in  Los Angeles.  (Each time, he was hounded by blinkered critics on the Far Left-an opaque mirror of the crankiness that has followed Greta Thunberg’s speech.)

It’s easier for the tired and the intellectually bereft to wallow in fear, than to recognize the need for change.  It always has been.  Recall the historical (hysterical) reaction to Mohandas Gandhi (“Half-naked Indian fakir”!  “A racialist, who hates Black Africans”! “A wife beater!!”); to Martin Luther King, Jr. (“Communist; reverse racist; misogynist!”) and, in the present day, to the survivors of 9/11, Sandy Hook, Parkland (“all dupes of a globalist conspiracy”).

As has been said, by thoughtful people across the political spectrum, this Climate Change Adjustment is:  Long-term; requires everyone to, as Greta said. “do what they can”; is neither subject to the vagaries of maintaining the staus quo, nor the numbing platitudes of the Green New Deal crowd (two of whom have made headlines, recently, by taking 11 different jumbo jets on a series of visits around the world.); and, as Mr. Presler & crew are showing the rest of us, is not the province of the Illuminati and their minions.

No amount of prattling from the tired and worn-out has ever stopped the civic-minded and socially aware, among rising generations, from speaking their minds.  It didn’t work in the 1940’s, when the youth of Warsaw fought the Nazis-and their own hidebound elders.  It did not work in the 1950’s and ’60’s, when Bull Connor sicked his dogs and his robots on demonstrating school children, in Birmingham.  It didn’t work last year, when the Alt-Right screamed at the Parkland students to go back to class.  It didn’t work when the neo-Fascists in London snarled at Malala Yousafzai, for not going back to Pakistan.  It won’t work now.

Only hard work will work.  That, and realizing that those who try to beat their young into submission have already failed.


10 thoughts on “Virtue Signalling

  1. The call to do what you can is something we can all hear and attempt! I have reusable grocery bags but I think that with Greta’s reminder I’ll be using them for more than groceries… I will dedicate one for a clothes shopping bag! I have been avoiding the plastic straw. I will try now to reduce purchase of overly packaged foods – it seems a little thing but it is very doable!

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  2. Climate change is an immensely complicated issue that cannot be solved by a single simple solution. It cannot be solved, for example, by continuing to spew carbon emissions of all sorts into the air while a few people collect plastic trash from the oceans. And, with all due respect,It cannot be solved by a single schoolgirl, so young that her brain has not yet matured, speaking to the United Nations. Greta is one cog in a huge wheel that has not begun to turn at any speed which would accomplish anything. I thought her talk was excellent, but it will not produce any results until the rest of the world is on board with what she said and acting on some sort of solution!

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    • Nowhere did I say it could be solved by a few simple acts. Your comment underscores the text of this post, and thank you for that. The solution indeed involves several steps, which will take decades to accomplish.


  3. Yes, well, I’ve spent all day on climate change. Many primitive societies had problems balancing resources, an example of which includes Easter Island. Some ancient societies did care though. In Hawaii, the natives killed babies if it upset their population or was a strain on resources. We see such things as evil, but ignorance is even more cruel. They didn’t have poverty. We’ve got to ask ourselves what we have to do. I don’t think much change will happen as far as ordinary people or policies. Scientists will have to carry that burden due to other people’s love of the dollar. We should give more money to the STEM schools and forget about UBI.

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    • A thoughtful local elder recently pointed out that overpopulation is a key issue that is driving much of climate change-due to the demand for fossil fuel use. Ignorance is indeed the source of true evil.


  4. God bless the children who won’t put up with the status quo. They will break open the way for those who follow, who might be better able to offer solutions and do the harder work. But we still need those who shake us up out of our slumber. The old must make way for the new, for those who truly realize that we only have this one Earth to live upon.

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    • It will, as I said in response to another reader, take decades of concerted, international effort to turn things around. The shakers get things going, then the rest of us have a duty to not get bored, or side-tracked, when real solutions take time.


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