Another Song Celestial

September 29, 2019-

The humble, soft-spoken man recounted the life of his father, who is, to date, the only conscientious objector to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor.  Desmond Doss, Sr. was portrayed by the actor Andrew Garfield, in the film “Hacksaw Ridge”.  His son  briefly detailed the actual man and the fullness of his life, at yesterday’s Hope Fest.

Desmond Doss, Jr. is at lower left, below.


This day-long celebration of purpose-driven life is primarily about service to the community, with a clear message that peoples’ lives are best led through a personal relationship with Jesus the Christ.  I have helped the organizers of this effort, for the past five years.  One of the elements of this event is recognizing and honouring the veterans of present and past conflicts.  VietNam is not the least of these conflicts.


Though I take a longer view, seeing a relationship with the Creator and His Messengers as essential to a well-lived life, by way of accepting that Revelation is progressive and God’s message unending, I see that encouraging others in the positive,  personal growth-oriented aspects of their own Faith is the finer path.

I came by my understanding of Baha’u’llah’s Teachings honestly, and will never hide my Faith from anyone.  It was actually the very essence of what Jesus the Christ taught, that love is paramount, which drew me to the Baha’i Faith, as “Love is the secret of God’s holy Dispensation, the manifestation of the All-Merciful, the fountain of spiritual outpourings.”- ‘Abdu’l-Baha, Selections from the Writings of ‘Abdu’l-Baha

It never made sense to me, even as a child, that God would visit Mankind with His Grace but once.  Knowledge given is as the rays of the Sun.  The solar rays of a thousand years ago, of ten thousand years ago, warmed the Earth and were beneficial.  They remain praiseworthy, for all they brought forth.  Likewise, the rays of the present day sustain life.  They, too, deserve our appreciation.  Understanding all that is given us, by the Creator, is a worthy effort.

So I offer service to those who themselves serve others, in the highest way they can conceive.  It is our shared love for humanity that propels gatherings like Hope Fest.  Long may they continue, and bear fruit.

2 thoughts on “Another Song Celestial

  1. I was a Baha’i for 5 years back in the late 1970s, early ’80s and went on to search through all the other religions that they say are part of progressive revelation. I was born again in 2004 and recently became a blogger so I could post on progressive revelation. At, I have one post on that topic that I linked a 22 page pdf to. The pdf is a free download and explains the covenants of the Bible with a timeline…but it makes clear that Abraham, Moses and Christ are all part of Christianity, not leaders of three separate religions. The covenants in the old testament are part of the unfolding of the new covenant in Christ. I pray that you download the pdf and peruse it that you might understand this very significant fact that undermines the theory of progressive revelation. In my one post, I also gave several other points that add to my rationale.

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    • We actually agree, insofar as all Messengers are part of one God-revealed truth. God never has left Man alone, nor will He, ever. Witness that Baha’u’llah, ‘Abdu’l-Baha and all who are faithful to the Their teachings, revere Jesus the Christ. I was raised Roman Catholic and always sensed there was something more complete, than sectarianism. Thank you for your comments and concerns, and may God bless your affairs.


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