October 2, 2019-

Last Sunday, I texted a friend, to see whether a meet-up we had planned earlier was still on.  Immediately, I got a spirit message:  They are all sick.  Thirty minutes later, a text from friend verified that.

Within the past year, two women, who do not know one another but each claim to be intuitive, have told me that my own intuition and spirituality run very deep.  After saying so, each distanced herself from me-one, by a series of vicious verbal attacks, followed by a loud demand that I not contact her again. (Interesting, as I had no plans to do so.)  The second quietly has dropped off the radar screen, as have both of our mutual friends.

I was told that my identified strengths are best used for the healing of those around me- and although I don’t possess medical knowledge, I have taken that aspect of the women’s pronouncements to heart.  In fact, helping others, with essential oils, has been part of my friendships with people, for about five years now.

I thought of these things, after finishing reading “Spiritwalker”, by Hank Wesselman.  In this account, he claims to have made contact with a distant descendant-from 5,000 years hence, at a time when mankind is regrouping and recovering from a worldwide calamity.  It is a compelling and plausible account, though I  don’t have a great sense that the future will unfold in quite the manner he sees.

Both men, and several people, both male and female, who are around them, appear to possess shamanic powers.  My erstwhile acquaintances ascribed such powers to me, the latest one saying that my using these powers is totally elective.  So it is in Mr. Wesselman’s book.  He and his descendant choose to do what they can, to help their loved ones and others in their respective communities.

I have embarked on a life of service, which has been understood by several, and greatly misunderstood by others, including the two women who diagnosed my nature.  All I know is, at the end of a given day, I am thankful to the Universe for having bestowed such gifts on me, and ask that the signs of how I may continue to be of use, be made clear, each day.  Titles, such as shaman, or even prophet, seem rather over the top, at least in my case.

8 thoughts on “Shaman-ish

  1. I try to not be toxic to people. Sometimes, our qualities bring out the worst in people. We must part. Then we remember the good we’ve done with other relationships. It’s stupid to hold on to people with oil on their arms. It wastes the time you have to be good.

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  2. I think that as we have moved toward technology we have as a people lost touch with intuition. That makes those who have remained tuned in to nature, weather, their own inner voice, and are able to hear the small quiet voice of God seem to have some special power or gift. It is really a gift we all possess but like any skill it is a “use it or lose it” proposition! Glad you have exercised your abilities to keep them strong…

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  3. Learn what you can from the people you encounter and keep learning, growing, changing, evolving. Take the good and the bad, the negative and the positive, the joys and the sorrows, and use that. You have discovered your intuitive gifts and with time these abilities will grow in practice. Accept everyone you meet a teacher, open yourself to new perspectives, and treat every day as an opportunity. The pain you feel about the two people, whom you once considered friends, will subside as you progress in your journey. Embrace the lessons and when you are ready let go of the things that you cannot benefit from any longer. I wouldn’t worry about labels, the important thing is that you have unveiled your talents and now you can explore this new exciting chapter.

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