The Hallowed Eve

October 31, 2019-

The last day of October has been many things, over the years.  It is the birthday of one of my best friends, in boyhood.  Haven’t seen him for many years, but he’s still alive and well, and almost a month my senior.

It is also the day when people on a fixed income start raiding their investments and usually bring the stock market  down, just a tad.  The holiday spending period thus begins.

For many, though, it’s a day of putting on costumes, of various levels of sophistication, from the white sheet with eye, nose and mouth slots cut out to the ten-foot T-Rex robo-suit.  In recent years, I would sit outside my apartment, at a  card table, with glowing jack o’lantern and bags of candy.  Four or five people would stop and get a handful of treats.  Most candy, though, ended up either being shared or being tossed.

Tonight, I left the place dark and went over to American Legion Post 6, where an organized party was in play, in a warm building with a modest buffet for those helping to give out treats.  About 120 people, of various ages and costumes, showed up and were delighted to have treats in their bags and a cup of hot chocolate, or coffee for the adults.  Two brought their costumed dogs, but alas, biscuits were not among our treats.  About fifteen people who were invited in, declined, saying that they were afraid it was a government trap.  Such are the times in which we live.

Nevertheless, there is much more to be said for helping out at a safe, organized Trick or Treat than sitting alone in the cold, looking as if I was begging for people to come by the table.

4 thoughts on “The Hallowed Eve

  1. Nice. I dressed up as a Care Bear and handed out candy to a small bunch of 80 or so children/teenagers. I have issues with children, but the brief encounter forced me to adapt, and it wasn’t bad–still don’t think I can interact with them beyond, “Happy Halloween!” I only had one scare me with, “I’m a weenie like my weenie.” He was dressed up like a hotdog. We all laughed at him, and I didn’t get a voice, so I’m happy.

    My grandparents received several comments in reference to their decorations. The magic of it is lost on me, however. I’ve felt down the last few days. It’s probably the change of seasons and the fact I spiked my sugar up this morning, especially.

    I also have to be careful about remembering my dreams. If they get too out there, I’ll have to forget them (by setting odd alarms and immediate tasks upon waking).

    I have issues with having my mind hijacked by men, too. Many females have this happen, but I get it stronger, I’ve noticed. I need to stay in reality unless I want to be trapped as a lumpy 30-year-old on the couch channeling Putin and Ronaldo, the intense one. LOL

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