November 10, 2019-

In examining Jordan Peterson’s remarks on what he sees as the Eighth Rule for Life, essentially “avoid vengeance”, it occurs to me that the basic issue stems from being other-focused, with regard to the  quality of one’s life.

This is a recipe for disempowerment, in the sense that  giving people, even those we love most, responsibility for what is good and bad in our lives.  Christ used the construct He called “Satan”, or “the devil”, to illuminate the lower nature which leads people to act in ways that are of a disservice to self and others.  People have taken that construct and used it as a scapegoat, as an actual being outside themselves, on whom to blame when they make bad choices.  God, Himself, also gets blamed, when there is misfortune in the lives of many people.

The choice, that those who give others control over their affairs often make, following a misfortune that is laid at the feet of another, is taking revenge.  This, of course, prolongs and most often deepens the agony.  I can think of no problem that I ever faced, which was solved by blamecasting or looking outside myself for resolution.  Indeed, when Jesus was tempted by His own human lower nature at Gethsemane, He gave us a road map for overcoming such weakness, with the words, “Get thou behind me, Satan!”

It is, simply put, up to each person to put the lower nature behind them-not often an easy task, but one which must be done.

6 thoughts on “Blamecasting

  1. Wow! You are so very, very right, my friend. And this is something with which I have struggled all of my life, from childhood on to this present day. Point in fact, I’ve been struggling with notions and desires for vengeance just this morning! Oh, but what has it ever accomplished? Nothing at all good … nothing.

    And mentioning the devil (or Satan or Lucifer or Iblis, etc.) recalls to my mind what one preacher said one time, to wit: We often blame the devil for our own mistakes and sins, or those of others, and so many of our misfortunes and much of our suffering. But in fact, the devil really has very little to do with it b/c we do it ourselves just fine!

    And God? Well, why in the world would God go to so much trouble when, according to about every faith-religion with which I’m familiar, s/he has and continues to do so much to help us, rescue and restore us, even heal and prosper us (meaning, at least, spiritually and mentally and emotionally)? No, really God is not to blame for my self-created problems.

    Excellent post! Thank you and God bless you!

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