The Conscious Step Away From An Abyss

November 20, 2019-

So, it now happens that, if I want to truly understand what Jordan Peterson is trying to say, in his Twelve Rules for Life, I will have to actually read his book.    The reason is the depth of Rule 9.  A simple synopsis is: Understand Your Dark Side. Know exactly that of which you are capable, and resolve not to do it.

Each of us has a dual nature, which is exactly why Christ endured 40 days of temptation and His Crucifixion.  He wanted us to know that the path away from self-destruction lay totally in following the Teachings of the Divine, which derive, essentially, from the Golden Rule.  Not only acts of goodness, but consciousness and dismissal of, the darkness within.  Baha’u’llah endured the indignity of His tormentors, who included many within His own family, that we may see the two paths down which we might each go, and that we may choose  the Path of Light.

I have had struggles, all throughout this life, and only after enduring Penny’s disease, vicariously- and as her caretaker; only after wrestling with left-over baggage, following her passing, and making a conscious decision to turn aside from the darkness, have I ended up in a place of Light.  So, I get the gist of what Dr. Peterson speaks here.  Seeing the dark, and teetering on the edge of it, is debilitating. Seeing the goodness, and nurturing it, sends the spirit soaring.


15 thoughts on “The Conscious Step Away From An Abyss

  1. I can’t process that anymore, as I have no awareness. When I was human, I had such a rage toward this one woman, and it led me astray. She was trying to manipulate me. I had the same problem with my dad whom everyone, minus family, thinks is an angel because he’ll give them a slight amount of trivial money or mercy. He has nothing but debt. Fake it until you make it. We hate each other and should not talk. I have done a lot of charity and expect nothing in return from them.

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  2. I love my stepdad who is poor but has never harmed me. We were buddies when I was little, and he is a wonderful person. He truly loves my mother and his children and me. I’d rather that than a thousand dollars to blow on two dinners.


  3. Hi Traveler.

    Jordan talks about, with Dennis Prager, of having to experience life in all its forms, so as to know, what one is capable of. Hence,”don’t shelter your kids.” With that said, having experienced a multitude of circumstances good, bad, miserable, and horrible, each of those circumstances produced a myriad of emotional responses, good, bad, and everything in between. Which leads nicely, into what you wrote today. Know what you are capable of, and then DON’T do what you are capable of. I think I know my fine line, that if crossed, the worst manifests itself in me. I could go from happy to rage, in about sixty seconds if pushed in that particular direction. I know darkness and my ugly side all too well. And yes, I can go there, quite quickly if pushed over the edge. But like you, I have found that living in the light is much better than living in other people’s shadows or darkness per se. A friend introduced me to a particular meditation practice I quite like, because it works, having employed it for about a week now.

    Self destruction was something I entertained for a long time. And i found that in dealing with the worst life could throw at me, at the time, destructive behavior felt better to me than walking away from it. I know that now, did not know that then. Jordan makes me think a lot. I try to be better, each day. And having friends who share this life goal of living in the light, is important to me and to others who read here. Thanks.

    You can find the new blog at: the site is private right now, i just finished creating it last night. it hasn’t gone live yet. but it looks beautiful.


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