Smelling The Roses

November 24, 2019-

For the longest time, I went through life being purposeful, and regarding taking time with non-essentials as a waste of time.  Even time in nature had to be for the purpose of reaching a goal.

Penny got me to slow down, just a bit, and to not  look at life as just a thing to be accomplished.  Since I wasn’t really all that ambitious, in the conventional sense, learning to relax and not be time-driven was actually refreshing.

Jordan Peterson’s twelfth rule for life is “If You See A Cat on The Road, Pet It.”.    Although many of the cats I’ve encountered in life are hardly willing to be petted, the sentiment is  a charming one.

Being semi-retired, I now take more time for the gentle pleasures of life.  Most of the people in my life understand this, and many say it’s high time. I have encountered a few who take umbrage at my pastimes, and their words sometimes trigger memories of my past.  This leads me to lash out, as I did in the earlier version of this post.  Time away, reading “Abby Wize”, brought me back down to the level at which I am in a better frame of mind.  Nobody likes being triggered, yet I need to keep above it.

That is the thing.  I have worked hard, at a number of endeavours, both professionally and socially.  I have earned a measure of taking time to smell the roses.  Lest anyone think I was playing the victim card earlier- think again.  Lest anyone think I am dodging social responsibility, think twice.  I  continue to be very much involved in community activities. That, to me, is part of taking time for what is beautiful in life.  Towards that end, I enjoy walking in our lovely town, spending much time in leisurely walks through nature.  I will continue to enjoy time with non-judgmental people.  I will pet animals, especially dogs, which enjoy that kind of attention.  As you may have guessed, I will also continue to travel widely, especially towards the late spring and summer months of next year.  As Dr. Peterson says, taking time for what is meaningful is what keeps us in good health, and even helps the sick to recover.

This concludes my first set of commentaries on the Twelve Rules for Life.



4 thoughts on “Smelling The Roses

  1. I can’t imagine anyone having a problem with you because you opted to take a walk or read a book instead of chasing the almighty $$. Balance is everything. I suppose we are critical of those things we don’t have or those activities we wish we could indulge in…

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  2. Hi Traveler,
    I’ve been on a Jordan binge the last two days. A few years back, I saw some changes in myself, physically and then it happened emotionally afterwards. Right around my 50th birthday. I’d seen my friends age, get miserable, and become FRUMPY! And I was like, NOPE NO Not me. I don’t dress like anyone else, I try and not act like them either, because I sure don’t want to be many of my peers, sober or not.

    And it seems the longer I go at it, being who I want to be, people just cannot stand that I buck the trend. Yesterday, I was at the homeless shelter i work at on Sunday mornings, and there is a particular man who just can’t seem to square who, and what I am, in all things. He likes to comment on my looks and visage.

    Yesterday I was dressed particularly, and I saw it coming, the question just burning in his head, I could see it on his face. But he kept quiet, thank God. A little later he walked up to me and asked, “How old are you?” as in, you don’t dress your age, or don’t dress the way I do at his age, he’s about 20 yrs my senior.

    People fear what they don’t know, and sure, people are afraid of me in public settings because I don’t fit the prudish norm of many of my older friends, and they go sideways when I walk in the door. I don’t get why people have to share, when I don’t ask them for comment to begin with. It’s like they cannot help themselves but want us to conform to their norms.

    I’ve faced my mortality three times, so I see the world and navigate the world differently than most, and people are so stressed over the fact that my world is different than theirs, and they go sideways. UGH

    Be you. Love You. And make the world and yourself better each day.


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    • I, too, march to my own drummer. I have been taken to task over a number of things, over the years- My travels, my wearing message t-shirts, my disinterest in glam fashion-or in anything that smacks of narcissism. None of it matters; as you say, “Love you”.


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