No Quarter

December 6, 2019-

When one has an adult child serving in the military, there is a particular degree of attention paid to the circumstances surrounding that child’s safety and well-being, day to day.  My son entered the United States Navy in July, 2011.  He will finish his regular active duty, in January, 2020.  Then he will serve in the Naval Reserves, for several more years.  I will keep watch on his environment, throughout.

As his final weeks on active duty ensue, three attacks have been committed, on U.S. military property, within days of each other.  One, at Fort Story, VA, was an act of vehicular homicide.  The second, at Pearl Harbor, only days before the 78th Anniversary of the infamous attacks there, by the forces of Imperial Japan, was committed by someone who apparently snapped, after a disciplinary notice was issued him.  The third, which may also have been committed by someone who snapped, happened today, at Naval Air Station, Pensacola.  ended with four dead.

There is some speculation of terror ties, in the first and third incidents, but not-as yet- in the second.  There can be, simply put, no quarter given to any terrorist, regardless of ideology.  The whole subject of the origins of terrorism can fill several volumes.  It basically boils down to sustained inhumanity of one group against another, leading to ongoing acts of retaliation and revenge.

Yet, revenge just leads to more chaos, and the cycle goes on.  I read this morning of the summary executions of four men suspected of raping a female veterinarian and burning her corpse, near Hyderabad, India.  There is no less sympathetic criminal than a rapist.  I can understand the rage of the men who captured these four.  If anyone ever sexually assaulted, much less killed, any of the many women who are close to my heart, my emotions would boil over, privately.  I would then have to  leave the punishment to the authorities, expecting them to fulfill their duties.  In the event they didn’t, I would, following the law, be a broken record, until justice was served.

Vengeance, though, is not my way.  On the rare occasions when the woman I met 39 years ago today, later married,  and then laid to rest, after nearly 29 years of wedlock, was taunted or sexually harassed, I stood up to those who exhibited their animal instincts but never once did I feel the need to beat someone down.   This was fortunate, as I am perfectly capable of flying into a rage.  It just has become less of a potentially useful method of dealing with such matters.  Our society, many parts of which dabble in false equivalency, might too easily fall for sad origin stories of  rapists or other sexual predators.  In the ensuing judicial chaos, no justice is served.

I maintain that, in each case of assault on peaceful, law-abiding citizens, regardless of the assailant’s motive, there needs to be a doubling-down on adherence to the sanctity of human life and safety.  Those who commit acts of terrorism, including sexual terrorism, must face justice, in its fullness- without mindless vengeance.



7 thoughts on “No Quarter

  1. It’s unfortunate this happens. I snapped. Thankfully I had a good command. They got me help, and they took my weapon. I don’t think we can always hide what we feel. I felt this way about the Navy Seal Trump excused. He’d seen death, the deaths of his fellows. He snapped but on a whole new level. I don’t blame him for what he did. I’m not saying it’s a good idea, but I get it. Think if someone in your family was slaughtered–or your whole family. What kind of emotions would you have?

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  2. Hi Traveler.

    I too watched events unfold on tv here in Montreal. I too experience emotions, and in sobriety, I know that I can go from zero to 100 clicks in seconds, so I must be aware of shit that happens in life. Violence in today’s day and age is rampant. It seems there is a justification for every type of violence meted out on unsuspecting innocents. Religious people usually go for the eye for an eye, end to the means. I too go there, when violence is egregious. I have no stomach for violence when pointed at women. There is a perverse satisfaction for some men in this world, the demonization of women on a too grand scale.Unfortunate truly.

    I have feelings about the pardoning of soldiers who were accused of war crimes. I don’t care who the victim was. Killing is not the end to a means. There is a fine line I believe with those who are in theatres of combat. You see enough death anyways, why perpetuate the killing, because it made you feel better that they were the enemy and had no desire to see them punished by the appropriate authorities? We should not take killing as being justified just because we sit in a particular position of power. Killing is too easy an out. Guns are too easily attained. And justice is never served appropriately. So how are we to feel about that kind of injustice, where justice should be applied? I don’t know the answer to that question.

    Women are under attack across the board in many places. Tonight we marked the 30th anniversary of the Polytechnique school where a man brazenly massacred young women engineers here in Montreal. And for the first time in 30 years they labeled that attack appropriately. Anti feminism crimes against women.

    Killing for any reason … There is no reason.

    I just don’t believe in the concept of killing just for the sake of killing, yet, that’s what we have. Like I said at the top, for every killing, there is apt justification for that killing, whether that be emotional, mental, religious or vengeance.

    If i see you hurt a woman, or hurl obscenities or insults towards the women in my life, you better watch your ass, because when I am done with you, you will either suffer greatly, or be dead. Hands down. I see enough sick people on a daily basis, and some of them can get ugly fast. Just give them a reason to be pissed off and anything is possible.

    I don’t have an answer for violence and killing. I’ve only taken justice into my own hands a few times in my life, and it was appropriate action. I’m sad for patriots who serve our country, who were doing their respective jobs and in school. Unsuspecting innocents. I do not condone the killing of ANY Innocents. Period !

    You are in my thoughts.

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