January 7, 2020-

Having my little family here

is a perfect occasion

for cementing my own ties

and building a sense of extended family

between son and daughter-in-law

with the Baha’i friends whom he knew

as a youth,

and with other dear friends,

whom he met for the first time,

and she for the second time, today.

It reminds me, that I have

at least one indelible tie here,

regardless of where life takes me.

It reminds me, too, that  there are those

who will ever have my back,

and I, theirs,

for as long as we draw breath,

and beyond.

8 thoughts on “Connectedness

  1. Hi Traveler,
    I think it is crucial to have at least a few choice people, we know would always have our backs. If we have that we are fortunate indeed. I know, for myself, that I have a choice group of friends in my “tribe” who will always have my back at a moments notice, or any phone call. And it is good that you got to share those special people with your son, and his wife. So that they know, in case something happens to us, that they know that others have our backs. How fortunate you are to have your tribe as I am mine.


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  2. Your post are always so uplifting… I don’t know where your positive attitude comes from… but I hope you never lose it… and I hope all those around you find it as well… I know on my down days I have… thank you… and keep up the amazing work… hope all is well…

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