On They Go

January 9, 2020-

My son, Aram, and daughter-in-law, Yunhee, have arrived, by now, in Boston.  They left here, early this morning, on the second leg of their family visits, after three days at Home Base.  We visited long-time family friends.  I was able to introduce Aram to several friends, whom Yunhee had met over the Christmas season:  The owner-proprietor at Ms. Natural’s; the cacao products maker, and her tea-crafter associate, at Synergy (Sedona natural coffee and tea shop); a local cosmetics distributor, and her sister, my dearest friend, of whom I can truthfully say that I am as close or as distant, as she wants  me to be.

We enjoyed fine dining and casual meals- and improvised meals at home.  We hiked a bit, in Sedona.  Mostly though, they had the safe space they needed, to process their respective paperwork and to make their calls, in a warm and comfortable house.  They left in good position, for the life that awaits them, when the family visits are over and establishing a household takes center stage.

The rising generations are doing just fine, from where I sit.   Their world view is measured, their choices informed and their dreams are grounded.  I have watched my little family work together, to solve serious matters and routine tasks which would be vexing for one person to do alone.  I see others who are struggling,  and keep them in prayer, daily, that they may get past their anger and resentment.  Learning to trust is probably one of the strongest skills I was able to impart to my son-especially learning to trust himself.

I know “the kids” will serve the world, and humanity, just fine.  They go on, with the vision and drive that will not ignore, or sweep aside, the major concerns which some currently in power find too complex for resolution.

8 thoughts on “On They Go

  1. Hi Traveler,

    To know that we have played a small role, in the lives of our sons and daughters, and for me, in the men I work with one on one, is so important. Long ago, the man who saved my life, and taught me how to survive imminent death, once told me, that one day I would do the same for someone else. I look for that one soul who exists on the periphery, and I participate in their lives. We share life decisions, issues and problems, hopes and dreams.

    And in some small way, it has always been my hope that something I have said or done, with my guys, takes them where they need to go, with solid acknowledgement that I participated in changing a life for the better. In a few months, April to be exact, one of my guys will make his way into the world and claim his piece of land in Wyoming to begin his family, he so wants. After two years of university here. I’ve seen some of my other men, grow up, marry and have their first children. So it all goes, we do what we can.

    I see how you care for your tribe, at home and in community. And you should take a little pride in the fact that you point your tribe in the right direction, while accepting that they will make their decisions, hopefully based on some piece of advice we have imparted to them. Aram and Yunhee will be fine. Aram has the knowledge that the military imparts, that will forever guide his decisions, and life. You can be sure he has a good head on his shoulders.

    You are a good man, my friend. We share that commonality, that we participate in a tribe, and we leave lasting indelible impressions like ripples on the water of the lakes we reside in.


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  2. I love that the new family is on the way to start a new life and yet they are beginning by visiting all the anchors of the family. This is the way things should be done! I think you have done well as a parent to have launched a wonderful son into the world!!

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  3. My very best wishes to Aram and Yunhee as they launch themselves into the world. I agree with Val that touching base with the family anchors is a great way to start — and then finding their own place to start out on their own journey is the next step! You should be proud of them.

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