The Ongoing Story

February 4, 2020-

As is my wont, I watched the State of the Union Address, and part of the “opposition response”.  I paid close attention to what was said, to the enthusiasm of the speakers’ supporters and to the reactions of the speakers’ critics.

President Trump’s speech was fairly good on specifics, with regard to what he considers his administration’s accomplishments and bullish on what he sees ahead-should he be re-elected.  There were fine moments: Carl and Marsha Mueller, from Prescott, honoured in the sacrifice of their daughter to the IS mayhem; Rush Limbaugh, with whom I often disagree, but who has been generous to the people of the Midwest and who is now in the fight of his life, against cancer, receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom; the mother and children from North Carolina, re-united with their soldier husband and father; the young man from here in Arizona, honoured for his interest in space exploration, alongside his great grandfather, a Tuskegee Airman,  who himself was promoted to Brigadier General, earlier in the day.  General McGee is 100 years of age.

There was also the hubris, which has been associated with this President, but has also been expressed by several of his predecessors, in their own detailing of accomplishments.  In the end, though, Donald Trump shared a thought with which few can realistically argue:  “America’s best days are yet to come.”  In truth, mankind’s best days are yet to come.

Both speakers, (Governor Whitmer, of Michigan, being the respondent), appealed to our sense of history and to a semblance of decency.  Both expressed pride and confidence in the ability of our nation’s youth.  Both faced rudeness from opponents, and ebullience from supporters.  More’s the pity.

Our best days are yet to come.  This will happen, when we stop seeing our leaders as mere extensions of ourselves; indeed, when we stop seeing other people as mere extensions of ourselves, in terms of what we think they should think, say and do.  When the dreams of each person become worthy of consideration, when they are validated in their goodness, when they are challenged and lovingly corrected in their elements of error or destructiveness, then will Humanity realize its true greatness.  When we truly learn to listen to each other, to link arms and celebrate one another’s humanity, then will our nation,  and our planet, begin to truly shine.

Our best days are yet to come.

4 thoughts on “The Ongoing Story

  1. Hello Teacher,

    I hope that you honestly do not think that the President could have come up with one word of truth himself, because he cannot tell a truth even on pain of death. That’s what good speech writers are for. You can’t trust him as far as you can throw him. Honestly, do you think HE thinks of others, first ? that would be a NO! That man is a wasted human being and a blight on the Presidency. I’m sorry. I would not share my air with him, even though he is part of creation. He’s bastardized the presidency, and tainted the High Office of which he sadly occupies. Come hell or high water, he won’t make a second term, By The Grace of God…

    Now I’ve said something controversial. My apologies.


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    • You have spoken for many, Jeremy. My criticisms of his speech are that it was a constant and unnecessary attack on former President Obama, that he looked like he was about to keel over, for much of the address and that there were many half-truths. The human touches were arranged by his staff, and they were good moments-even that with Rush Limbaugh, with whom, as I mentioned, I often disagree. The disgrace came early, when he refused to shake the outstretched hand of Speaker Pelosi.


  2. Hi Teacher,

    I was sure I had crossed the line last night, with that comment.

    Now you will see just how far Trump will stoop to pander to his base, and how insidious and incendiary he will get in Word and Action. The mafia Don in the White House will spare no one his wrath, with verbal attacks and derogatory slants. His predilection with overturning everything that president Obama did is an obsession, because he still believes Obama was nothing but a mistake, and should never have been president, and if he wipes away all his accomplishments tactfully the way he does, he will erase what Obama did as President, because he cannot stand someone living a good honest and dignified life and always doing the right thing for the right reason.

    The megalomaniac in the White House is a narcissist of the highest degree. I cannot believe he gave the highest honor you can give a citizen to Rush, I don’t agree with him either, because he is a Trump blowhard and has been a blowhard his entire career. I’m sorry he is sick, we don’t wish sickness on our worst enemies, that award was a pander moment to his base to keep his supporters close, by giving them food.

    Now Trump is going to throw red meat to his base in the form of every undignified word he can articulate, even if the words are not his, he will find them, rest assured. And Russia and whomever else steps in to muddy the water, those Trump voters will only see red meat and defend him, because it happened in 2016.

    I am 52 years old, and I understand honor and dignity and respect. I take my citizenship very seriously, as it was drilled into me by my father. The President is the most undignified pig that has ever occupied the Office of the President. Mark my words, if you think Trump was ugly the first time around, that was just an appetizer, now he has really RED MEAT to throw at his base, and he will go there, with nary a second thought about wallowing in the mud with the worst of his base.

    We must pay attention. And March in the streets, and make sur that everyone we know gets out and votes come hell or high water. We must restore dignity and respect to the Office of the Presidency.


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    • I am, quite frankly, in trepidation at what may happen, should DJT be re-elected. Even if he has the good sense to contain himself, many of his followers will act on their worst impulses. I certainly intend to vote, and will vote for the sanest candidate on the ballot-or write in the name of a sane candidate, if one is not actually on the ballot.


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