February 21, 2020-

It is said that, at certain times of the year, the planet Mercury appears to be moving backwards, or is in retrograde.  This is, of course, poppycock, but the illusion does have an effect on people, in the areas of relationships, transportation and finance.  People will use this illusion as an excuse to take negative actions, or to not take any action at all.  Sometimes, the latter is actually advisable, especially if life seems to be moving at too fast a pace.

I find winter, in general, as a good time to slow the pace a bit.  For me, that generally means staying, for the most part, within the bounds of my county of residence.  A couple of trips out of the area, last weekend to Yuma and tomorrow to Indio, to take in a Sheryl Crow concert, are exceptions to that, these past two months.  Energy has taken a back seat and my concentration has been mostly on boosting my immune system.

The retrograde gets credence from all the illness that has circled around our community-and many other parts of the country and the world.  I would make a humble suggestion, though:  Let us use the time to quietly connect and do manageable projects, both individually and in groups.  There will be time enough for the grand and far-reaching, in the fullness of spring and summer.

6 thoughts on “Retrograde

  1. Hi Traveler,

    Wiser words were never spoken.

    You know if you read the labels on any drug you take, and you see what the drug does for you, then TO YOU, you have a problem. I am funny this way. 27 years later with my hiv drugs, I’ve never read the bottles. And i surely don’t look for the side effects list either. Because if I do that, and I read the words, they are imprinted in my brain like red letter warnings. Then I begin to ruminate on them, thereby exacerbating what the perceived effect the drug has, I mentally expand a negative thing into madness. And when I do that and I magnify something negative in my head, it usually manifests itself physically.

    Which is why we should stay away from negative stimulus, because people tend to latch onto that negativeness and then they in turn go down the proverbial rabbit hole. I know I have friends who are religious about mercury retrograde, and for the entire duration, they amend what they do, what they say and where they go, so forth and so on. It’s just hysteria.

    I’ve been able to avoid all those side effects from the myriads of pills i have taken in my life and proved that drugs do work, and can work, if i only stop and not focus on the crappy side of medical treatment. When I worked at Cedars Sinai Cancer centers in Miami, a long time ago, and then hospice, I tried to help people through the worst of it … And when we stayed away from sickness mentally and emotionally, and we focused on life, love and living, that made a whole lot of difference in how they fared, and how they succeeded. When it came to hospice, i again turned to focusing on life, even in end stage patients. And they crossed over, better than many of my friends who did not do that.

    They say ones mind is not someplace that we should go alone, or without a hard hat.


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    • It is always wise to regard “crossing over” as the end event in a process, in turn leading to the beginning of another process-whose particulars are not known to us, specifically, until we ourselves cross over. I like the last quote from “they”. Sharing my mental journeys is one reason why I blog.


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