February 26, 2020-

There are those who feel that things ought not change.

Once plans are made, such folks say,

only crooked people and liars would deign hint,

that these might be altered,

for the common good.

Disease, they say, is nowhere near

so bad, as to cause

portfolios to decline in value!

“Worry-warts are the enemies of the people,

and what, exactly, is being done,

with all that money?”, say the self-appointed

guardians of the trough.

Visions are conjured,

of connivers,

stuffing other people’s money,

under their own mattresses!

I wish I had such idle time,

to weave fantasies about

what might be going on,

behind the scenes.

Alas, I am too busy working in schools,

serving as a volunteer elsewhere,

and celebrating life,

with my friends,

to stress over things

which will be Old News,

by Easter.


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