COVID Forbids It?

March 11, 2020-

I see that there are an increasing number of situations where large gatherings are being canceled, or are being put off limits to the public, because of contamination fears.  While I draw the line, at least for now, with regard to small gatherings in COVID- 19 free communities, such increased vigilance at larger events is only prudent.

There is also the financial consideration.  Those of us, myself included, who are not rushing to the gates, with regard to our investment accounts, do have a responsibility to leave as much as possible alone, so as to not be locked into the temporary Bear Market setbacks that may very well last well into Spring.

There is no immunization protocol for this virus, so prevention measures-including sanitation, are only to be supported and followed, rather than be the brunt of jokes.  I am prone to keeping myself and my area clean, anyway, so this new reality, for however long it lasts, does not pose any great change in the way I do things.

The rest of March, April and May are pretty much cut and dried, as far as what I am doing around here.  Should COVID-19’s aftermath be more severe than I currently think it will be, I can very easily cancel service-and -family-related travel plans for summer.  There’s enough to be done around Home Base, so even if the “quarantine” is more financial than governmental or medical, I will delay making any rock-solid plans for June, July and August, until mid-May.

Having been a caretaker, for eight years, in the 2000’s, this potential set of restrictions is quite mild.

12 thoughts on “COVID Forbids It?

  1. I was in the grocery store this afternoon — the pharmacist said that all the warehouses are out of hand sanitizers — BUT he recommended liquid soaps as being more effective anyway! He simply recommended normal precautions — avoid large groups, wash hands, don’t touch face, etc. It’s been hard to know what to believe so far, but his comments were valid.


  2. Hey Teacher

    Here in Montreal, there has been a run on Purell, and any sanitation items. Last night, I wrote our general Service office, to inquire how our AA groups must adapt to rising numbers here in Quebec. Our metro and bus systems have been infiltrated, so infected people have been taking mass transit, during peak hours.

    I am worried that large groups of people, gathering on a nightly basis, with the possibility of visitors from other places coming as well, is a recipe for disaster. Our elder crowd is in the fatal illness category.

    I’ve been to three gatherings this week, and folks are hugging and kissing and slobbering all over each other, with nary a thought to cross infection, which is disturbing, its like alcoholics think themselves illness free and will be illness free.

    I told the director of our General Services Offices that just as the city is mulling curbing large gatherings here, AA meetings are also Large Gatherings. So we need certain direction so as to keep all of our people safe, healthy and virus free. A tall order if sick people are using mass transit openly.

    It puts all of us, in this city, at large at greater risk of getting sick. I just spent the month of February myself in quarantine, and I don’t want to go there again, because my fellows don’t see the need to be mindful and prudent with their social actions and lack of personal hygiene. UGH !!!

    Numbers are rising here … And the President just spent 11 minutes talking BULLSHIT. Not that he beiieves anything he read from that teleprompter because someone else wrote the words for him, because he does not have the capacity to think about anyone but himself.

    America is in the shitter … We need to look out for each other, because information coming from the top is severely lacking.

    Pray ..

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    • I feel horrible about the lack of care being taken by sick people, whether they have COVID-19, the “regular” flu or just a cold. Kudos to Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson for becoming the poster children of this current outbreak. #45 has banned travel to Europe, until after Easter Sunday-a small, but at least tangible acknowledgment that the gig is up.


  3. Some more closures:

    Last night Viking Ocean and River cruises shut down for 60 days. Today Princess Cruises did the same, shut down until May 2020. And it is only 9:29 right now in the East. We have the whole day to see how many other cruise lines shut down. Many sports teams, soccer, NBA, the World Skating Championships here in Montreal, (was to be this weekend) are all shut down indefinitely. If you can’t get passengers from point A to point B and back, all bets are off. With flight restrictions, you’ve just screwed over the world at large. With Italy shut down and the Eu closing borders, there aren’t many “Open for business signs still up!”


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