March 15, 2020-

This is the midpoint of  Women’s History Month, the alleged date on which Julius Caesar was assassinated and another day in the continuing collective human response to Coronavirus 19.  Once one gets past the toilet paper hoarders, the nonsensical pandemic deniers claiming this is just a hoax by “the Liberals” (or Bill Gates, et al), and those who think closing the borders will, in and of itself, stop the virus in its tracks, it’s easy to see the big picture.

It is not hard to stay home, if that’s what it will take for the human race to recover.  It is not  too hard to conduct lessons for children, in small neighbourhood groups, if schools are closed (and I will be among those offering such a service, especially if the school where I am working now is closed).  It is not impossible to share what one has, in the way of food, cleaning supplies, etc., if others ask.  My grandparents’ generation raised families and kept their lives together, under far worse conditions, during the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl and World War Ii.

It begins with becoming still, with focusing and remembering just who we are and of what we are made.  Baha’u’llah, Whose life and Whose family’s lives were excruciating at times, calls the process being “dry in the ocean”.  I have sometimes been viewed as being too sanguine, but this is exactly what got my family through Penny’s long illness and her passing. It is what got my parents, long before that, through my youngest brother’s very long struggle and decline in health-and got our family through the passing of my father.

Those who stick together are the survivors of each crisis and the teachers, come the next subsequent calamity.

I’ve posted this song before, but it seems apropos once again.

2 thoughts on “Stillness

  1. Hi Fellow Traveler,

    AS they say,”Shit got very real” today. Montreal’s lock down got even worse. We’ve been mandated to stay in our homes, unless necessary to go out. Food, pharmacy, doctors, only essentials until we are told otherwise. Our health department is giving us GRIM words, and the grim words are causing quite the hysteria. You’d think we were preparing for a natural disaster (albeit in Montreal).

    I went grocery shopping this morning, and for the first time EVER, store shelves were EMPTY. It took 6 different pharmacies to find ONE package of toilet paper. Grocery stores are sold out of every associated item to do with either cleaning/sneezing, wiping ones ass, and sterilizing ones hands. UGH !!! Hysteria.

    All non essential buildings are closed, gyms, libraries, schools, churches, mosques, synagogues. Restaurants can stay open provided they only seat 50% of clientele on the honor system. Bars, clubs, theatres, tourist traps are all closed. Until further notice.

    I’ve learned that like I was in quarantine the whole month of February due to bronchitis, we are stuck at home again until further notice. No meetings, no churches will allow gatherings in their spaces, even in the basements. So I enter another stretch of being house bound. UGH !!!

    They’ve locked out family, nurses and caregivers to seniors homes, palliative care facilities, homes, etc, for fear of spreading covid to the elderly. This has caused quite the hysteria among all concerned. Not good at all.

    We are doing what we can for our neighbors. I spoke to our floor earlier today to make sure everyone had what they needed. And we will survive this. If everybody plays by the governments rules and advice.

    Let Us Pray …

    I hope all is well in your corner of the world. keep us in your thoughts as we are of you.


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    • The situation in Quebec sounds like what is going on in California. Thus far, in Arizona, schools and colleges are closed, but everything else is voluntary. I visited one of my favourite eateries last night, just to keep the young waitress’s chin up. Others followed me in, so it was a good evening. I am not sure how long this will continue. Las Vegas, north of us, is considering shutting down.


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