March 18, 2020-

We are, so to speak, in the process of in-gathering, even as it seems we are in a distancing process.  The political arguments of the two major American political parties are increasingly hollow. The leading candidate of one party offered his solutions to the COVID-19 induced crisis to his opposite number, carte-blanche. Who sits in the White House, come next January, is less important than pulling together and stopping the virus, to the extent possible.

Events,in situ, are being canceled,  with digital means being found to replace many of them.  This will very likely work for the duration of the crisis (2 months-18 months, depending on who is making the assessment).  It is likely to become an alternative, but not a permanent replacement, to on-site meetings, in the way that e-books are an alternative to books in print.

The same will be true, in my humble opinion, to Take-Out and Delivery of items in restaurants and coffee shops, as opposed to dine-in experiences.  We are, in essence, social beings and those of us who live alone, in particular, will resume dining out, in addition to whatever private dinners to which we may be invited, or hold ourselves.

Phone calls are still important.  I called my mother this morning, and as I expected, she is well, lucid and concerned for my well-being.  The same is true of my son, who called me last night. This sort of convergence will never go out of fashion. Texting matters, as well, and social media, despite the flat-footed attempts at censorship, by some of its founders, will only become more crucial to keeping us connected.

As I mentioned earlier, despite being a peripatetic soul, the well-being of my fellows is vastly more important than what I might be inclined to do, if untethered by conscience.  I will be extremely cautious in venturing forth, for the duration of this crisis.  Besides, as I found out, these past two days, my presence is most definitely needed here at Home Base.  It will become even more so, of all of us, in different ways, in the next several months.

In many ways, humankind is converging.

6 thoughts on “Converging

  1. I am afraid I believe that this will last until there is a vaccine available to everybody — closer to 18 months than to 2. If the current distancing lasts 2 weeks, and then ends, those who have been out and about during the 2 weeks could be carrying the virus, and the currently defined people at risk will all suddenly be exposed after all the protections currently offered. This is a crisis, but II don’t think anybody knows yet how long the crisis will last — it’s not just a quick crisis that will blow through! I do agree that we are social beings, but I wonder if the world will look very different when the crisis is, in fact, over. The telephone will be extremely important, but I wonder about dining out, group meetings, etc.

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    • The standard is no new infections for fourteen consecutive days. I will wait until there are no new infections for thirty days- since one person in Wuhan, who had “recovered” from the virus, contracted it a second time.

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  2. Hello Traveler,

    i haven’t seen any of my friends in more than 10 days now. haven’t been to a meeting either. UGH. We are still arguing over keeping meetings open, when the Mayor and Premier have shut down, literally, every place one could go to to gather, sit together, and have a coffee. Literally, there is no place to go, because we have been told to stay home, until this blows over, or hell freezes over, which ever comes first.

    There are no sit down restaurants any longer, and if a restaurant refuses to close they face a fine of up to $50,000.00 (Yes fifty thousand dollars). And some are still arguing that social distancing is not a necessary proscription for the masses.

    Today I have to hit the grocery store. That should prove to be the most exciting thing I have done in ten days now. I don’t know when this will end, but I do know that Canada is among the consortium that is working on the vaccine. I do know that those who participate in its creation, have first dibs on that same vaccine when ready for general population. (Like the U.S. – they are not in the game, but expect to be included by the nature that they are the U.S. – and not a working participant in its creation) Hence ENTITLEMENT !!!

    Selfish and arrogant if you ask me. The U.S. has been slow to rise, and people are dying and health care workers go without, and making necessary protective gear, with office supplies and hardware store items, because they don’t have what they need to properly and protectively do their jobs. Blame the U.S. administration, who have always played down the severity of this pandemic.

    And if you watch the POO BAHH speak from the podium, he does not exude any vestige of character, strength and resolve, as past presidents have. Hunched over, reading as if he’s reading his own death warrant, sluggish and elderly … He should stand with his gut in, shoulders back, and proclaim that he is on the case, like a real MAN and President and LEADER.

    But Impotus will never be Potus …

    Our kids are in danger, and have become a segment of the population that is getting sick, and some very sick and end up in ICU’s. And some of our meetings are populated with kids, and the adults are arguing over whether to close spaces for their safety. Here I am trying to save lives and people are arguing about shutting down prime breeding ground for the safety of the many, not the one.

    UGH …

    Hang in there my friend, they say, this too shall pass. But for now we walk through fire to get there. You are in my thoughts, along with your entire coterie of kids, friends, family.


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    • There is too much power given to individuals within government-as witness the fact that ONE senator was able to delay our national relief package, over an unrelated issue, important only to him. In our little city of Prescott, the mayor has basically told ultraconservatives to shut up, accept the emergency declaration or go somewhere else. Our business community has fully, maturely, accepted the CDC’s recommendations. I am in this for the duration-like you, I’d love to get out and hang with my friends. For now, though, social media, my books and my online TV and Netflix will carry me through.

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