The Tide

March 20, 2020-

I awoke today to a sky that was mixed, in its promises for the day.  As it happened, clouds came and went, allowing a basically sunny day.  I spent much of the day reflecting on a piece that I had written in 1996, which my brother forwarded me, early this morning.

The day stayed mixed. I was not surprised to learn that work is delayed until April 13, at the earliest.  Swinging by Raven Cafe, one of my hangouts, I ordered delectable mushroom soup and a lamb burger with sweet potato fries, as a take-out meal.  Enjoying the soup, sitting outside, whilst watching the antics of a trio of dogs and talking with some of my mates, was arguably the high point of the day.  I took the lamb burger and SPF home, so as not to be a canine tormentor.  It tasted every bit at home,as it would have in public.

After catching up with my photo scanning project, on behalf of a longtime friend, I got a call to head out on a project for a revitalized Yavapai County Angels, delivering food boxes to an elder, picking up more supplies for further deliveries, over the next several days and visiting one of our local grocery stores, as my teammate was hoping against hope for paper products and loaves of bread to give to other elders.  I found three fresh-baked loaves (packaged loaves went the way of toilet paper and most other items.  These will go to some fortunate senior citizen.

The matter of the near future arose, as it always does of late.  There is an ominous feeling, among many of the people I encountered.  Everyone was rattled, to some extent or another, so I kept a low profile, though my saying that grocery stores were still open in states that were on lock-down provoked a furious response.

The tide is roiling.  We can perform random acts of kindness, as many are choosing to do, or we can sequester ourselves in racism and intolerance of any divergent opinions, as even some close to me are starting to do.  This is not a “Chinese” virus, or even an Asian virus, as the president and a few others keep claiming.  It is a worldwide threat, no matter who, or what malevolent force, unleashed it.  The whole of humanity has to move, in unison, to fight it.

I will continue to help in any way I can, for as long as my 69-year-old self is allowed, and as long as those who are committed to  forcing drastic measures, such as martial law, are not allowed to hold sway, we will make progress, acting as a community.


8 thoughts on “The Tide

  1. Hello Giver of Life,

    We’ve been on a lock down for now 10 days. Let me paint a picture for you:

    We are told to stay home, ok,
    The office downstairs is sealed tight like a tupper ware bowl.
    The doors are locked. A sign on the door says: DO NOT ENTER !!!
    Yet, on one of the desks is a 2 litre bottle of hand sanitizer.

    One of my neighbors could not get in the locked security door earlier, as I was in the mailbox area, I went down to open to door for him. The office manager saw me walk down the stairs towards the door, he was gowned and gloved, as to say, he was headed into brain surgery in the office there, and trying, fitfully, yet failing greatly, to get the medical mask affixed to his face, yelling though a locked door, his thanks … I just rolled my eyes at him.

    The staff here walks the corridors, and up/down the elevators, disinfecting the cars daily. The government told the people “NOT” to buy masks and wear them, as the professionals needed the masks more than we did, because let’s face it, we don’t got what we don’t got right ?

    The Asian population in my building did not get that memo. There are many. If we happen to meet in an elevator, all kinds of hysteria erupts. One WITH a mask and one WITHOUT, the purchase of scarce elevator wall space ensues.They crawl for the walls and hold their breaths all the way down. People are freaking out.

    In our building there are many elders in residence. And we’re are trying to provide. But again, neighbors are leery about each others, “where have you been quotient.” So I stick to my floor. We have two babies, and eight apartments on my floor. We are always on the hunt for formula, diapers, and the GOLDEN TICKET ITEM: Toilet Paper. If one finds they buy, and if I find I buy.

    There has been an ongoing argument about our meetings, the ones still operating, filled with KIDS, and tonight our health care governing body decreed Very Succinctly: DO NOT LEAVE HOME, DO NOT GO OUT, DO NOT MEET EACH OTHER IN PUBLIC. PERIOD, For the DURATION of the LOCK DOWN.

    People are still not listening to government advice.

    People are starting to freak out because they are confined to quarters like a convict they call it. And daily the Prime Minister says: “Buckle down butter cup, this is not going to be over shortly. So get used to it.” The people are not amused.

    Here in Canada, we won’t go without staples. The government is providing everything that the U.S. Government can’t or won’t. There is a terrible disconnect between our leaders. States in the U.S. are doing for themselves, what Trump won’t do for them.

    Peter Alexander of NBC News in the White House Press Core, asked the President “What can you say to millions of Americans who are scared, with the truth unfolding before them?” And what did Trump say in return: “You are a terrible reporter, you should stick to other subjects and not be so sensationalistic.” He actually insulted an honest question lobbed at the podium, ON NATIONAL TV!!!
    The U.S. is F U C K E D !!!

    Pardon my French.

    I think of all of you in my nightly prayers. And I hope that within the distance and silence we find commonality, peace, and a sense of togetherness. Because many alone, doing one thing together, can change the world, as difficult as that may seem tonight.

    Please be careful. Mindful, And kudos for all that you do for your people. Commendable work.


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    • i have always been something of a rebel. I am loyal to my people, though, and will put up with a lot from the powers that be, both at the national and at the grassroots level. Some of the people who are clamouring for martial law are the very people with whom I must work , to get food and supplies to the elders, and to families with children. If they do get their wish, though, I will be confined to quarters, as a 69-year-old and they won’t have to put up with me, any longer. I have a plan, in that case-and will make my way back to my family.


  2. I am glad you are still able to make deliveries. Our church pantry shut down which makes me very sad as there are so many dependent on those food deliveries… Son#2 is now out of work until April 7th (or longer) and son#1 works at a grocery and currently is still working but the grocery said they may go to a skeleton crew. If that happens he doesn’t know if he will still be working. The good news is we are the mortgage holders so they don’t have to worry about paying us….

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    • It is disheartening to see our children suffer. My son is in the Naval Reserves and DIL is working in an essential industry, so they will weather this. My prayers for all who are going through this torment, either physically or financially.


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