Stop the Squeeze

March 23, 2020-

I watched a video last night, which, while not made by a Baha’i, explains Baha’u’llah’s vision of a unified planet, perfectly.  The part that is most relevant for what we are seeing now is this:  Earth is in the beginning stages of cleansing, with simultaneous earth quakes and a huge humanitarian crisis forming the physical manifestations of that cleansing.  What is most needed, for us to build out of these calamities, is true unity of the human race.   This is starting to appear in several countries, with the United States conspicuous in its absence from their number.

Instead, what we are seeing is the same intense squabbling over details of  a national response that has been part of the American scene since the Constitutional Convention of 1781-88.  Back then, there was no real nation, so the states and territories had time to sit and hash things out. The governors and legislators, back home, had matters pretty much in hand.

Governors and legislatures have things in hand today, as well, to varying degrees.  At the Federal level, though, no such luck.  The two “sides” have pretty much continued throwing bones to their bases, forgetting that, in a pinch, liberals and conservatives  left to themselves, without being poked and prodded from above, can get along quite nicely.  I have friends on all points along the spectrum, and do not think of any of them as worthless or a waste of DNA.  Everyone has a piece of the truth.

The jigsaw puzzle, though, is being kept unfinished by perfectionist wire-pullers, for whom a solution would be like poison. For them, being in positions of power is the most critical state of affairs.  Unity, in their view, would lead to wisdom among the populace, who would then cease to follow the leaders.

More’s the pity.  Unity among the people would only enhance the grand national economy, cherished by conservatives.  Unity would decrease, drastically, the number of marginalized people, a major concern  of liberals and progressives.  It would show that “white nationalism” is a myth made up out of whole cloth and would also diminish the need for a the trappings of a Nanny State-so counterproductive to human dignity.

It can be accomplished in either of two ways:  Leaders showing the resolve to put the country ahead of any personal or partisan ambitions, and encouraging people to work together OR fed-up groups taking matters into their own hands, with a possibly long and bloody conflict, that would make the Civil War look like childsplay.

It is time, past time, to stop squeezing the bases.  Let it be known that love of country and its people, at long last trumps ambition.

8 thoughts on “Stop the Squeeze

  1. Hi Teacher,

    Sadly the Poo Bah is only looking at his balance sheet. He only cares about the stock exchange and the economy, instead of people who are going to get sick and die on his watch. He’s been told what needs to be done. Those who’s needs are greatest have been begging for more than a week now, to deaf ears. Individual states are going it alone, because the federal government wants nothing to do with saving people if the numbers don’t look good to the incumbent who wants re-election.

    We really should shut off the tv during the daily press conference, and the WH Press Corps needs to boycott the proceedings. Because if you put scientist next to the Poo Bah they will cancel each other out, as soon as they start talking. And like Faucci said last weekend …”I can’t just jump in front of the microphone and knock him down!” However we’d all like to.

    Unity is going to come from the people who are trying to save their families and neighbors because the Poo Bah doesn’t care that so many ARE GOING to DIE. When those deaths CAN BE prevented with proper planning and action. The 5 P’s still apply …

    Prior Planning Prevent Piss Poor Performance.

    Like I said the other night, America is F U C K E D … If all the people don’t rise up with one voice and remove the Poo Bah from office sooner than the election in November, the great cleansing will happen, much to our dismay. The 25th amendment still applies.

    Here in Quebec the Premier shut down everything. 3 weeks enforced shut down. EXCEPT grocery stores, pharmacies, and get this … The Liquor stores. Yes, Liquor stores are essential business in Quebec. Because what else are people at home gonna do besides jerking off… Drink themselves sick.

    Citizens of Montreal have been on house arrest for more than 15 days already. I haven’t been outside except to grocery shop when necessary. and now we have 3 more weeks of total enforced lock up with the authorities given powers to maintain social order and disperse crowds and citations for breaking the lock down.

    Because some Canadians feel they are impervious and immune to getting sick. Today the Prime Minister said and I quote “Enough is Enough, Go Home and STAY HOME!” Period full stop.

    I pray for the states every day and night, because I have many friends down there like you. I worry for your safety and sanity seeing there is a mad, number crunching, man in the White House who only cares about his bottom line and not the citizen line.

    Pity that poor man. As awful as it sounds, I’d really like to see him get sick in the end, and not be able to get the services himself he is denying the populace, and DIES miserably and painfully, Just desserts for an asshole, don’t you think ???


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    • While I totally get your, and others’, antipathy towards the president, I will not wish such suffering on anyone. That said, if he continues to wage war on sanity, he WILL get sick, just as the senator from Kentucky, and Harvey Weinstein, have contracted the virus. As it happens, Twitter is offline today, so we may expect a modicum of relief from the White Noise. The social butterflies of Canada have their counterparts here, in spades: Large crowds were out and about, over the weekend, in Arizona, California, Florida, New York and Oregon. This has led the authorities everywhere except Arizona and Florida to double down on quarantine. Our governor is worried about the state’s economy, but local county and municipal officials are enforcing their own restrictions.


  2. Hi Teacher,

    Leaders who only operate with “only their own backsides matter more than the populace,” live in denial of the suffering and well being, of those he leads. The only way to get the attention of such a narcissist, and ignorant, bastard, is to inflict the worse of suffering upon them, because until sickness or loss hits them right where it hurts, will they change their tunes. I don’t think the Poo Bah ever considers anything but what enriches his coffers and his brand.

    I’m watching Gov Cuomo beg for the lives of his people, begging a man who isn’t even listening to anything but the song playing in his minuscule brain. I make no bones about hoping that he suffers greatly for his ineptitude and inaction. People are dying daily because he won’t lift a finger or commit ANYTHING that would anger his BASE, or cost him a possible reelection.

    I’m sorry but I have no compassion for men like that, because i myself experienced this kind of man when I was so very sick, and men in power turned a blind eye to us because we were gay. What comes around will go around. And when karma kicks in, shit will go down.

    The Poo Bah is not long for his office, mark my words. When republicans begin dying in greater numbers and they go seek his succor to make it all go away and still he will do nothing, the revolt of revolts will take place and he will be deposed. The sooner the better for all of you.


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    • It may well come to pass, that those who are more interested in keeping the “other side” from power find themselves sick and dying. Many of them will be in the “base”. I am grateful for people like Andrew Cuomo, Gavin Newsom, Mike DeWine and our own Senator Kyrsten Sinema, who have taken the initiative and are being the adults in the room.


  3. He is akin to Pol Pot … And Hitler … And Franco … This might not be Rwanda, but it is going to come pretty damned close. Millions will die, and he will tell us all, “What a wonderful job he is doing for the country.” And won’t that be the greatest LIE of the Century …

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