April 3, 2020-

In everyone’s life, I think, there are those human phenotypes who one continuously encounters, over and over, especially fulfilling certain roles in the persons’ life.  I reflected today, on those who have done so, in my life.  Although, they don’t know one another and have appeared at different points in my life, they are phenotypically similar.

My mentors and advocates have, for the most part, been either African-American men, in late middle age, with a profound reservoir of spiritual knowledge, or women who are slender, brunette and of medium height, likewise having a wealth of spiritual acumen.  There is one such man among my friends, at this stage of my life, an astrologist with keen intuition.

This second  was true of my mother, yet without my seeking any surrogate, such women have shown up randomly, in my life, since I left home in 1974.  There are several such people in my life, right now,  most notably my primary human spiritual guide, and my best friend.  I do not see any of them as mother figures.

I have frequently encountered people, who seem to have materialized out of nowhere, and after a brief, pleasant exchange, they disappear almost as quickly.  These are, with one exception, also brunette women, of medium height, who are quite a bit younger than those mentioned above.  They seem to have a strong spirituality and have mainly appeared to me when I’ve been hiking.  The one exception resembled my late wife, except she was gaunt in appearance and also appeared to me out of nowhere, when I was hiking in the high desert, some years back.

Finally, among men and boys, I always seem to encounter those with a snarky, fun-loving demeanour, usually when I need to get out of my introvert shell.  They set me straight, though not in a mean way.

Of course, my door is wide open for all manner of people, regardless of phenotype.  Those mentioned above just seem to be who the Universe has guided my way or me to theirs.






2 thoughts on “Archetypes

  1. Hello Yoga Master,

    My friend Tony, is an African-American man from the U.S who lives here now, from Georgia. He’s been sober longer than God, and is wise. The first time I met him and heard him read from the book, I knew he was a great one to listen to. I once told him that “You know Tony, I could sit and listen to you read me the book, any given day.” he chuckled, and said … aw shucks, don’t listen to me, I am an old fool. But I listen to him every time I see him in meetings. Now we don’t have anything, so I have not seen him in over a month now

    I think I’ve said here that Women rule the world, well, they do in my world. The ratio of older women to older men is higher on the female side here. So you really don’t have a choice, right?

    I have friends right in my age bracket (the 50’s) who are the same age, but much less sober time, yet they seem to inhabit a world that is different from my own. And like your young people, they might not be as long sober as I am, but indeed have wisdom. And on the occasion when I royally stick my foot in my mouth which happens often, they also set me straight. And I listen to them and never discount when someone offers critique or a word of caution or advisement.

    I listen to everyone, because, that’s what we do in meetings right ? We sit, we share, and for the most part we listen. I’ve tried to endeavor to be a good listener. Albeit slowly. You never know when the teacher is going to appear and who it might be or how old they are.

    Because God often changes up the delivery vessel to keep me on my toes. Bear that in mind my friend.

    Don’t look at the vessel alone, see what’s on the inside and listen to the words being delivered.

    Hope you are well.

    My best friend Spencer from Utah just wrote me this morning. He is working at the Missionary Training Center in Provo Utah. He tells me things are getting dire there, and he fears from his life and his wife’s life, because he is also an EMT worker and has to chose to either save his and his wife’s life or go out and save others. And he is torn. People are suffering greatly right now, and I hear in his words abject fear. Please pray for my friend Spencer and his wife Lauren. If you are wont to do for me.

    I hope you are safe and well. We are well here for the time being.


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    • It is true that God will send a message through the most unexpected of vessels. I note the particular vessels herein because they have been more common in my life. I will pray for your friends in Provo, as for all who endure this state of affairs. Be well, Jeremy.


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