Point of the Arrow, Tip of the Spear

April 13-

My most cherished action figures in the entertainment world have been archers.  Their pursuit of quarry entails perfect accuracy.  The arrow and its manually-propelled cousin, the spear, must land on point, in order to be effective.  So must it be with those seeking justice.

In a matter that has drawn the attention of some who are investigating sex trafficking in  this country and in other parts of the world, an unsettled man has chosen a delicate moment to renew charges of cannibalism in the U.S. food supply, charges which were raised, and swiftly debunked, in 2014.  This is, simply put, a time when many have raw nerves.  Many want to believe the most lurid of charges, perhaps as a salve to their more concrete insecurities.

Baha’u’llah teaches us to investigate truth independently.  This is hard for human beings, especially those who crave approval.  It is hard for others, in a different way.  People who see things through a different lens than most, also need to have at least SOME others take their views seriously.  So, we see those who view life as to be lived independently, without a group determining what goes and what doesn’t, finding high crimes and misdemeanours as being committed exclusively by liberals and progressives.  Those who believe that life needs to be lived collectively, see conservatives and reactionaries as the villains.

What actually seems to be the case is that there are heroes, and villains, on both sides of the aisle.  Rather than ideology tripping up an individual, it is one’s view of self that brings a person down.  There are elitists and miscreants, galore, all along the political spectrum.  No ideology is a guarantor of sainthood.

My own view, such as it has evolved over the years, is that justice needs to not so much be blind, as to be laser-focused.  There are conspiracy tales afloat that have turned out to be true, debunkers who are fraudulent and vice versa.  Much in the mainstream is verifiable; other parts of it are sheep fodder.  Some of what seems insipid balderdash, turns out, upon closer examination, to merit a closer look.

In the past two weeks, I have listened to claims that, six months ago, I’d have dismissed out of hand. The Epstein affair changed a lot of how I view such matters, though there is still a smell test that needs passing.  The most odious behviour in the world is the sexual abuse of children and teenagers.  Close behind is sexual abuse, in general, followed by the practice that engineers both:  Human trafficking.

All three merit the most intense and unrelenting investigation and prosecution.  All three have no one, amongst their perpetrators, who is above the law.  The point of the arrow and the tip of the spear should find their way to any deserving target. ( I mean this figuratively, of course. As tempting as it is to put pedophiles and sex traffickers out of their misery, we must maintain the rule of law.)

6 thoughts on “Point of the Arrow, Tip of the Spear

  1. But the law should be digging deeper than the surface… Drugs are bad… Murder is wrong… Hurting children is beyond all things… It makes me sad too… I think a lot of people assume it isn’t happening… That no one is that disturbed… But people are and they should be stopped…

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    • There needs to be a sea change in mentality. We long ago lost our way, as a species, adopting the mindset that prosperity and spirituality are mutually exclusive. I have been working, quietly, for the rights of children and youth, since a now-disgraced, and deceased, perpetrator told me, when I was in college, that there was no such thing as child abuse.

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  2. Hello Teacher,

    Well, this one came out of left field, or had it been simmering on the back burner for a while?

    This Epstein affair stinks from the bottom up. And we know the legal parties involved are just as dirty as the perpetrator Epstein himself, and all the men AND women who assisted him. We’ve seen, in the past how this subject, human trafficking, and the likes, had been used by conspiracy theorists to muddy waters that were clear, and we know where those went.

    There is stink all along the chain of custody and command. It has been obvious that legal persons and those in high places are protecting the guilty from investigation and prosecution. It’s like the Mafia. Nobody talks for fear that the snitch will find himself dead sooner than later.

    Human trafficking is rampant in many places in the world, including Canada. The abuse of children and women is an issue for many. Just like in Canada the MMIWG the Missing an Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls investigation in Canada, was woefully incomplete.

    We may never see the entire extent of the wicked web that Epstein spun nor all those dirty legal minds who are protecting the guilty and Ghislaine Maxwell finally get justice served upon them. They are being protected at the highest levels by dirty authorities and dirty lawyers.

    But it something we should pay close attention to in any case.


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    • The first person who glibly informed me that “there is no such thing as child abuse” ended up dying of STD’s. He was a Catholic priest, and had likely been involved in pedophilic activity much of his adult life, though never convicted in a court of law.

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  3. Hello

    The year I spent in Catholic Seminary, was very eye opening. I was on track to become a priest, I hadn’t even approached my closet door yet. But things were funny. i witnessed things that did not jive with sanctity, chastity or obedience.

    Many of the upper class men were gay, and many of the priests were as well, that was a given. Priests with AIDS had been sequestered at the seminary to live out their lives in seclusion.

    I knew this right off.

    One night after dinner, I was on my evening walk around the grounds, which encompassed both the seminary grounds and a Catholic high school, baseball dug outs and soccer field in the back. As I walked around the quad, i witnessed several of my classmates “abusing” some of the boys I would see in the lunch time line, where we worked during the day. They would pass notes back and forth between them.

    The next night, several of my classmates approached me and asked me what I had seen, and I would be honest about my witness right? They then told me never to speak of it, for fear that I would be kicked out of seminary had I done so. I was an impressionable 19 year old pious Catholic boy, all I wanted was to be someone and be a good priest. That would have made my Quebecoise grandmother very happy.

    Alas, I did not jive well with the homosexual agenda there, and was summarily dismissed at the end of that first year. I was mad at God for a very long time after that, and my alcoholism took off like rocket fire. The rest they say is history

    This is my story and I am sticking to it.


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