As We Rise

April 15, 2020-

Many parts of the world are slowly, carefully seeing the retreat of COVID-19.  Others, especially in the United States and Russia, have yet to see the disease peak, though it’s coming.  There have been several approaches to the threat, most have worked, for the people in the areas in which they have been implemented.  The concept of “One size fits all” may very well end up being shown the door, when this is all over.

It is never too soon to PLAN, to have several contingencies for the months ahead.  The school year is finished, yet there are likely to be summer sessions. Whether the services of substitutes will be needed then is a good question.

My friends in the restaurant and coffee houses around town are unlikely to even consider re-opening for in-house services, until close to Memorial Day weekend. The hospitalizations must peak, and decline, before that would be prudent.  I am supporting several of them, with take-out orders, in the meantime.

The hard-working staff of the Farmers’ Market are maintaining a food box service, over the next few weeks, at least.  They may be able to re-open the full market, next month, but the hospitalization peak will impact their decisions, as well.

My own meanderings will be rather tentative, anywhere outside of the immediate area, until there is a clear indication that the danger is passing and that my presence will not be more of a hindrance than an encouragement.  Red Cross deployment remains a possibility, as even with the virus subsiding, the hurricane season is seven weeks away and tornadoes have certainly not taken any time off.

The quarantine has given rise to the popularity of virtual meetings, so anywhere I happen to be, into summer and fall, will not impede the vital work that has been initiated here, during the course of the past four weeks.  My inclination is to mostly stay close by, though.  No one wants to be part of a second or third wave of COVID19.

We will cast off some of our old practices and adopt new ones.  Which will be which, is long in evolution.  I only know that we will rise back.  The spirit of the nation,  of the planet, of humanity, will  not be denied.

8 thoughts on “As We Rise

  1. It will be interesting to see how the world population comes together to find a solution. Working together as one humanity. Let us pray this continues as we find what really matters is unity.

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  2. Hello Teacher,

    We have been warned, just this morning, that prudent health restrictions will remain in place for at least another few Weeks. And if numbers do not fall appropriately, another few Months. Montreal’s numbers are still rising, and the elderly, right now are ground zero. But we also are looking towards the future,as well. It gives us all something to ponder while we are still stuck indoors.

    The world we once knew, I’ve already said, has been shattered. But won’t we all be glad to walk out our front doors, with certain knowledge that WE as Community, will build the future that will be fertile with possibilities. People all over the world are pondering this same idea. And I’ve said to them just the same, We have the chance now to rebuild our fractured world, into one that is even more egalitarian.

    A refrain I’m repeating here again.

    For a time, after each tragedy, be it economic, financial, natural, or terrorist borne, or viral, people come together. But they lack two things … Consistency and Longevity. Good will never lasts very long, as we have seen, and people forget the calamity, and return to their selfish and self centered lives and ways.

    We cannot allow this to happen again, here ! There is no back to go to, because, I fear, we will realize much to our own consternation, that many of those people, who resided in the THEN, are not here in the NOW. And we must chart the path forwards, to make sure we are not visited upon by this pox on humanity again.

    The Government MUST be REMOVED. Our leader must be prosecuted for his crimes, and come November we must DO what is RIGHT, and end this Monarchy once and for all. The Emperor has no clothes. And we must not allow him to attempt to redress himself.

    We must serve the greater good. We must care for our fellows. We most love hard, and respect dignity and every soul the creator has placed on our paths. That is the only way forwards. In grateful service for our survival and our acknowledgement that what we cannot do alone, we CAN do together.

    Hope is on the Horizon. And Light will once more come and shine for us. Will you be there to see it?


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    • As a Baha’i, I endorse your thoughts on the trend towards unity and amore inclusive society. Anyone who has to ask whether I will be theere to see the light return, has not been paying attention.


  3. Normally there is never a day when I’m not out of the house at least once, whether for shopping or ‘play.’ For the last 6 weeks, I have been away from home only 4 or 5 times, three to pick up meals at favorite restaurants, and 2 to grocery stores. A little older than you, but healthy, I am finding it difficult to consider myself “high risk,” but I am, as are you, simply because of chronological age. This is not the way I wanted to spend my retirement, but the alternative is a nasty, very contagious disease that could kill me. Please be very careful for the next few weeks — I’d be very unhappy if you were to not survive this threat. Life has changed, and will not return to our previous freedoms — we will adapt to that over time, and we will develop new routines and freedoms. In the meantime, strict adherence to the “rules” is important, and will be what keeps us alive. That aspect will not last forever, but will be critical to moving on when the virus is conquered.

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    • Rest assured, I am maintaining a regimen similar to yours, until at least June 1. What I do after that will be determined by facts “on the ground”. I don’t plan on any trips out of the Southwest-SoCal-Nevada region, until at least October-which is about the time several are predicting a second wave of COVID. I will alos be very unhappy if I don’t survive this threat, so there we are. Stay safe and well-you are showing a road map through my Seventies.


  4. I’ve been in a Zoom community gathering. The community spanned the globe. It was a good experience.
    We will find knew ways to do things. Hopefully we will discover better ways to do things. Maybe people will continue working from home.
    I don’t know.
    Stay well dear friend.

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