Contact Tracing

April 17, 2020-

How many people did I see today?

How long were we in proximity?

Where did this take place?

What time did this happen?

All these are important to record,

as my potential part

in case of any upsurge

in the present pandemic.

It’s best to start now,

so that everyone who sees me

wearing my mask,

hands me an order of food

or checks out an order

at the grocery

or tomorrow,

when I get a new light cover,

or anytime

between now,

and the lifting

of restrictions.

Do your part,

says the Universe.

2 thoughts on “Contact Tracing

  1. Sparky and I can count on one hand our contacts. It is easy when you are conscientious. We are doing our part. Glad you are doing yours. All we have to worry about are the multitude that can’t be bothered to comply with common sense!

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