May Day Reflections

May 1, 2020-

I arose earlier than usual, this morning.  I just could not sleep past 5:30.  Summer is like that for me.

This is a day often set aside, in much of the world, to honour labour.  There are a vast number of workers who deserve this honour-the medical community, those who provide food, beverages, beneficial pharmaceuticals and naturopathic remedies, first responders ( as always), spiritual and psychological advisers and sanitation workers-among others.  Your efforts are more valuable than ever.

Then, too, this is the beginning, essentially of Teacher Appreciation Week-or at least the cusp of it.  Teachers are more the invisible heroes of the current pandemic.  Those who have held up nicely, deserve extra praise.  Those who are sinking, deserve extra support.

I noticed a couple of items, relative to Special Needs children.  There is an article, in this month’s National Geographic Magazine, about autistic adults.  The emphasis is on those with severe needs, but I am still grateful to see us be the focus of empathic attention, in the press.  I also saw a photo of a “favourite cap” to which a mother sewed buttons, so that her little boy would feel comfortable, while wearing a mask.

Things that made me smile:  The energetic, effervescent departing president of a college club showed up on my e-mail feed, with a proposal for a club handbook; Earth Rising and my cosmic advisor each had energizing assessments of what lies ahead in May; paying rent (thankfully, not a problem for me) was made easy by the assistance of a Tablet Teller.  Yes, a roving teller, accepting deposits using an encrypted Tablet, is one of the outgrowths of the current crisis.

This month has not started out all that well, for many, and we can only change that by pulling together- not in serving as fodder for those Trollmasters, who thrive on sowing division.


4 thoughts on “May Day Reflections

  1. Wow! Thank you for remembering our working class during May Day! It’s so rare for an American to understand May Day nowadays!!!!

    Also, the article you mentioned about the adults with autism sounds fascinating! I will make a note to look it up so that I can read it too!

    I am not sure what a tablet teller is for…Is that the lady/ man at the bank wondering around the lobby with a tablet?

    Thank you for your reminder to everyone to pull together! It’s so sad how divisive some people can be! 🙂 Happy May to you!!!!

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    • The remembrance of working people on May Day is huge. While Labor Day is important, for American culture, May Day is also crucial. Yes, the Tablet Teller is a person who walks around, doing mostly deposits, using a tablet. Have a fine and fruitful May!

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    • I am ever mindful of the role parents play, since my parents were so hands-on, with our education. I was close to my son’s education, as was my wife. We also, as educators, valued our students’ parents.


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