May 9, 2020-

Snow descended on a swath of the Northeast,

and Atlantic Canada, early this morning.

It was blamed on the Arctic Vortex,

which usually rears its head

and roars, in the dead of winter.

We have our own vortices,

here in the Southwest.

They bring concentrations

of energy and uplifts in awareness,

to those in tune with them.

The snow will have disappeared,

from many places,

by Noon, on Mother’s Day.

The changes brought by

increased awareness,

will cause ignorance

and shopworn habits

to disappear.

May there be purity,

from both kinds

of vortices.

4 thoughts on “Vortices

  1. I’ve been to a vortex in AZ – outside Sedona. It was an electrifying experience… The icy winds brought sleet on Tuesday, and torrential rains and wind that howled. Today was sunny and rainy and sooo cold! I ended up wearing a big sweater and my wool socks – IN MAY! The world is crazy right now but I’m trying to maintain a sense of equilibrium!

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