Setting the Bar

May 12, 2020-

My conversations with various people, last night and throughout today, have invariably featured goals they want to achieve, over the next several weeks and months.  One of my best friends here has set the goal of building a raised planter bed and showed me the frame she has made by herself- a very sturdy oblong planter, which should hold two or three crops, once filled.

This morning, around 11, I visited a small barbecue restaurant, on the second day of the re-opening of food establishments.  Tables are set six feet, or more, apart, with the goal being to not have to close up again, anytime soon.  Those who came in, while I was having lunch, were very respectful of the few requests the owners made.

My next order of business was to deliver a bottle of essential oil capsules to someone who is suffering a debilitating disease.  While at his wife’s establishment, she and a relative were discussing a goal relative to their own overall health- and devising a team plan to meet this objective.

I met my own goal of getting my hair cut, this afternoon.  The conversation, with the woman who was cutting my hair, centered on keeping children happy during the ongoing shutdown, which of course will continue into summer-a time that children normally are off, anyway.  In some circumstances, no one course of action can resolve an issue.  There will be some boredom and some grousing-but I have learned that, when I’ve been bored or listless, things come to me, as to what I might do and inventiveness is always a good skill to hone, in any mind.

I continue to set the bar high for myself, at least, and feel confident that this entire exercise in patience and perseverance will not be as wasteful as one individual, with whom I spoke early this morning , seems to believe.

6 thoughts on “Setting the Bar

  1. Gary — I am sure you personally will follow the rules of covering your face and washing your hands and distancing yourself, but with restaurants and hair salons and barber shops open, there is likely to be a spike in illnesses — if that happens, everything may again be shut down For this reason, what opening up is happening in CA is for curb pick-up only — clothing, sporting goods,flowers, etc ok for curb pick-up. Hair salons and barber shops are discouraged, to the point that if people are found to work outside their formal jobs, they will have their licenses pulled for life. It’s a horrible balancing act between public health and economy these days!

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    • That is supposedly what is happening in Florida-a second wave. Common sense flew out the window and COVID took its place. I did get a haircut, whilst wearing a mask. So far, AZ is taking baby steps, even with the governor lifting the state of emergency. You won’t find me in California or Nevada, until it is deemed safe, by their residents and governments for visitors to show up. Ditto for anywhere else outside our fair state.


  2. I need a haircut and my eyebrows plucked. Not much has changed for me minus that I can’t go to the aquarium and see my fish. I’ve had a terrible time with schizophrenia lately, which results in me acting like a baby. Plus, I attract the usual bullies. I have no feeling of emotion now, which is annoying. Oh, toxic emotion is the kill all evil. LOL Part of the problem is that the weather is not warming up. It was 40 degrees yesterday, and it’s the middle of May! I’m mad at my grandma because she won’t let me move to Texas, but I can’t handle cold weather at all.

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