Hint of A New Normal

May 15, 2020-

I went over to a far neighbourhood restaurant, this evening. The clientele tends to be folks in my age group or older, so we were seated with physical distancing.  The buffet was, of course, empty-though the owner says it’ll be back and full, next week.  I will watch that one closely-as I am personally rather finicky, when it comes ot buffets, anyway.

The crab cakes were back, and just the right size for my palate.  Opting for a baked potato, I likewise was pleased that it wasn’t half the size of Idaho.  There was a nice portion of steamed, mixed vegetables- and two pieces of garlic toast.

Enough of the meal; the important thing is that about twenty-seven people were there to dine in, and not all were seniors-a gentleman brought his daughter and two granddaughters along.  The owner made the rounds and caught up on some old times, as well as praising the Lord for not letting him, and his family, go under.

I do a fair amount of fixing my own meals, yet part of community life is supporting one’s neighbours.  There is a balance, and as the proprietor of this eatery says:  “It’s all a very fine line.”

20 thoughts on “Hint of A New Normal

  1. It certainly is. I picked up dinner tonight at a favorite small family Greek restaurant. Recognizing the staff, I engaged them in brief conversation about whether they have received guidance as to when they can reopen — the poor guy seemed to collapse in exhaustion as he indicated that all they have been told is “soon.”

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      • I think our hot spots are more numerous (in part because we are such a big state with more movement around the state) and worse. The worst I’ve heard of is in Santa Barbara County, where the numbers are very low, and almost within the tolerance, except that there’s a Federal prison in the middle of Vandenberg Air Force Base. Of the prisoners, 70% test positive, which would seem a contained population except that there are 50 staff members who also test positive, and they are from outlying areas like Lompoc and Buellton, in the general population. A variance has been requested, but Santa Barbara may never open up until there is a vaccine!

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      • I don’t worry much when I’m in the car — a couple of half-open windows provide circulation of fresh air that is helpful, and I’m isolated from other people. In Lompoc or Buellton, I might worry more, but again on base there is so much open land, and the prison is sort of in the middle of nowhere, so there’s not much worry — if they will allow me on base at all!

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  2. Right, being at peace and loving one’s neighbors give great peace of mind. I’m glad you took time to enjoy the outside world today, no matter the situation. Hope everything will continue to be better as days go by. Have a great weekend!

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  3. I have yet to eat in a restaurant. I rarely did anyway. Not a big change from before Covid. I don’t miss it. I have eaten take out twice. Both times the food was cold when it should have been at least warm.

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  4. yeah, I ate out a few days ago. They had tables x-ed off. I don’t think I’ll eat out much this week. I did promise the owner of the Chinese restaurant that I would buy some eggplant tomorrow.

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  5. It is good to support the locals. I am sick of eating at home but fearful of going out. Thank goodness there are some interesting frozen dinners that offer a nice change of pace.

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  6. We’ve been going out once every 2 weeks for carry out. We only go to the local places and haven’t done any of the chains – they will survive but our local favorites are in jeopardy…

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  7. Great post. It is sad for those business and employees that will go under due to the virus. Hopefully it will all get back to low unemployment and people being able to again support their families.

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