Holding One’s Temper

May 29,2020

As with every single thing that has come before the American public, the course of events, over the past few days, has had its share of back and forth. Thankfully, all comments that I have seen, so far, concur that Georg Floyd did not deserve to die the way he did.

I don’t like rioting and destruction. I don’t like toddlers throwing temper tamtrums, either. I understand both. A heavy hand resolves neither, but a firm, considerate tone of voice and clear statement of expectations go a long way towards stopping both.

I have seen, firsthand, when a weak leader took the word of someone who made up a story, out of whole cloth, and fired someone who had not done anything like that of which they were accused. I have also seen an out-of-control maniac grab a 16-year-old boy by the head and smash his head into a tree, three times- in the name of “school discipline”.

Both “styles of leadership” created for more problems than they were worth. Neither person deserved the position he occupied. Neither victim deserved the fate that was meted out.

George Floyd did not deserve to die aviolent death. His accused killer did not deserve pass after dreadful pass, for the previous harsh treatment he was found to have given to his “collars”/

6 thoughts on “Holding One’s Temper

  1. I agree, that George Floyd did not deserve to die in the manner he did. Even murderers are not treated this way. They try somehow to have him without injury so he could go through the legal system and tried.
    But George didn’t have a chance at all. Whatever he may have done, or not done, he didn’t have to be handcuffed in the back and push down and the officer put his knee on him. They did him catch in the robbery, but was there.
    The US has always found fault with other countries when they fail, by accusing them of Human Rights violation etc. But the UN is now silent. Why?

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    • He did not commit a robbery. There was suspicion that he forged a check. Even that is being investigated by the Minnesota Attorney General. The UN is probably on lockdown. New York City is having huge problems with street protests.


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