The Summer of the Rising Tides, Day 16: Truth, Be Known

June 16, 2020-

One of the things that has gotten me into trouble, since I was small, is my not holding back when it comes time for the truth to be told-at least as I see it. Even when it has meant my losing something or having to take punishment, the truth comes out. Largely, this has been reinforced by the fact that, the few times I have been untruthful, in adolescence, it has also been a trainwreck. Fortunately, no one has been hurt.

Either way, I have taken the consequences and moved on. So, when I hear lies and obfuscation, by Alt-Right groups and some politicians on the Right-hand side; by the abortion lobby, and the architects of the Militarized Police, on the Left, my disgust is pretty much an equal opportunity emotion.

It’s actually quite simple: As I’ve said before, I value life-from conception, through childhood, adolescence and on into old age. I value humanness, across every conceivable ethnicity, sex (and sex construct),age, creed and line of work. Most of all, I value truth. Any person who comes from a place of the heart, has my ear. No one who shows that s(he) has a hidden agenda, will have have my support.

There is truth being told, all along the political spectrum and there is deceit, floating along beside it. I am not afraid to honour the one, or to call out the other.

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