The Summer of the Rising Tides, Day 28: Four Roads

June 28, 2020-

I listened to a couple of Bluegrass bands, this afternoon, as well. One of them was comprised of three little girls, who sang cheerfully and intensely. Listening to them move seamlessly through a nearly one-hour set, I had only one thought: Long may they know only peace and safety.

Yesterday, at the same time of day, I was participating in a wrap-up of a Unity Week Conference, online. We collectively traversed four socioemotional roads: Via Positiva; Via Negativa; Via Creativa; and Via Tranformativa.

The first, as the name indicates, was an acknowledgment and celebration of all in one’s life that is positive. We sang, swayed and shared happy sounds. The second, opposite to the first, was an acknowledgement of all that is negative in one’s life. People laid on the floor, wherever they were, and were given permission for catharsis. Many moaned, cried aloud, screamed and wailed. I was glad the neighbours were not coming to the window to check on me. Having had an emotional release, after watching a gut-wrenching video on the reality of the Confederacy, on Friday afternoon, I was pretty much catharsized out for this one. It was good for those who have been through extreme trauma.

When we came back together, it was to acknowledge the pain, as a group. We then proceeded on Via Creativa, and tapped into the inner talents and creative energies of each of us. Finally, we gathered in small groups, discussing, very briefly, the possible transformations we might bring to bear, from this conference and into the work that will lead to Peace Weekend (September 20-21). This longer road is Via Transformativa.

I had thought that July and August might be quiet months of toeing the line of those loud voices demanding that everyone stay in their homes. Upon reflection, though, avoiding criticism from the Left, or from the Right-for that matter, is not what is going to bring peace to this world. I have to leave Home Base, if necessary, to do Red Cross work, to help plan this event in September and if need be to go to the sides of those who are suffering.

The key to overcoming COVID19 lies not in timidity, nor in maintaining the appearance of ideological purity (a chimera, at minimum). It lies in being sensible about precautions (masks, yes, but mainly hand washing and being aware of one’s surroundings) and in obeying actual laws-not loudly expressed opinions.

6 thoughts on “The Summer of the Rising Tides, Day 28: Four Roads

  1. Gary, please be careful if you leave “home base.” The reports from Arizona are difficult to watch, and it would seem that your state (and perhaps California too) will soon be under at least partial lockdown again. Masks, hand-washing, social distancing are all important at this juncture, and the safest is to leave home as little as possible. I was fortunate last week to be able to visit Santa Barbara, but even there I was relatively isolated most of the time I was there. And I will now stay home to ensure that I don’t come down with the virus or spread it to others (I don’t believe I was exposed, but you can’t be certain!) Stay safe!

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    • I will only leave Prescott if I am called for a Red Cross emergency or for a family issue-until mid-October, at minimum. If I do venture forth, my masks, gloves , hand sanitizer and liquid soap go with me. Yes, this resurgence is proving quite a monster. So far, we are not having all that many cases in Prescott, but my breath is not bated.

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      • It was announced today that Orange County has been added to the watch list of counties on the edge of being shut down again. I’m not really surprised, after a hot weekend, followed by Memorial Day, followed by protests and riots, but it’s disappointing after we did so well. My short trip to Santa Barbara helped the psyche, but I will be very watchful over the next week or so (I’ve already been home for a week). Bars and nightclubs are already closed in several CA counties and it won’t take much to add OC to that! Do be safe!

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      • I am sure this rush back to safety will be universal, soon. Our Governor has closed gyms, theaters and bars and is limiting gatherings to 50- “for the month of July”. School openings have been pushed back to mid-August. I pretty much doubt I will work again, but one never knows.


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