The Summer of the Rising Tides, Day 35: Walking My Path

July 5, 2020-

Upon going through my usual morning rituals, I found a message on my phone, informing me that I was expected to start up a Non-Governmental Organization, the purpose of which would be to “save the world’s destitute children.” I was to found the organization and become its president.

Just so we’re clear, this is the wish of an over-exuberant online contact, whom I’ve never met, but who regards me as a family member. What is also clear is that I will help this person with legitimate goals, but I am NOT going to undertake the founding of an NGO, and become its head.

I will always strive, in an unofficial and voluntary capacity, to help the children of this world and support those of normal working age, whose careers are still underway. I will be 70 years of age, in late November, and while I realize that the election just prior to my birthday will be between two septuagenarians, that is THEIR choice. After forty-four years of working, I will be finished with being at someone else’s beck and call. I will still be robust, but am not working 60 hours a week.

My inner being is getting attention, especially during this period of sequestering. I am, and will be, taking part in the Harmonic Convergence that is goiong on, from today until July 14. Spirit guides, who these days prefer to be called Soul, are still telling me to prepare for time on the road, later this year and early next, and to go abroad, for much of the next four years.

Jesus once alluded to the fruits of presumption as despair. I take each day as it comes.

6 thoughts on “The Summer of the Rising Tides, Day 35: Walking My Path

  1. It is about boundaries and knowing yourself – if you have those in hand life will unfold easily. Hope you can achieve your travel plans – right now travel overseas is not an option…

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  2. As I read the first paragraph of this, I found myself thinking the phone message was a cruel mockery of who you are. You are always very generous in your assistance to youth, and especially youth in special need. As you go forward, though, be careful not to stretch too thin that generosity..

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    • I have made it clear to this individual that, after 44 years of working for wages, the LAST thing I am going to do is take on another gargantuan work project. My assistance to that group is going to consist of wrting an initial framework for the project, which will take me all of eight hours, stretched over several days-and connecting the gentleman with doTerra and with established professionals in his own country, of whom there are several. If that’s not sufficent, oh well.

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