The Summer of the Rising Tides, Day 67: Leave of Senses

August 6, 2020-

I saw a blurb, this morning, for a TED talk, of indeterminate date, in which the speaker purports to tell us all that we should get a grip, with regard to society’s ban on pedophilia.

There is a disturbing amount of that sort of insanity going around, right now, so I doubt it was satire-and NPR isn’t exactly world famous for such folderol, anyway.

This evening, someone posted about their experience with their two-year-old being given an innocent-looking Troll Doll. When the parents looked the doll over, as responsible parents tend to do, they found a button between the doll’s legs. Yes, it made disturbing, adult-type noises, when pushed. The toymaker has recalled the device.

I’ve been called paranoid and puritanical, for making a big deal about the alleged sex trafficking of children. So be it. As much as I believe in adults making their own choices, behind closed doors (and getting flack for that, as well), children CANNOT tolerate, physically or emotionally, serving as playthings for adults-or for pubescent teens, for that matter. Children (and teens) should not be part of such activities.

We have reached the point in our society’s decline, when this sort of decadence is again considered chic, as it was among certain elements of society, in Victorian times. It is anything but, and I look forward to those participating in, or fostering, child sex trafficking to be brought to swift justice. It won’t matter to me how prominent, or well-regarded, the person is: Wrong is wrong.

4 thoughts on “The Summer of the Rising Tides, Day 67: Leave of Senses

  1. Gary — I absolutely agree with you that sexual exploitation, in any form, of children is WRONG. However, other than personally abstaining from such behavior, it seems to me that what any of us can do to counter it is to report verifiable abuse to authorities when we are aware of it, and insisting that a complaint be filed and investigated. In today’s world, anything beyond that appears to me to be personally dangerous and counter to the purpose of further activity.

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    • Any effort at bringing down trafficking rings needs to be done systematically-and is never an individual effort, I have, and will continue to file reports to authorities, when I come upon verifiable abuse. I have supported, and continue to support, both Unicef and a local organization in the Phoenix area that takes in abused and neglected teenagers.


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