Fortnight of Transition, Day 9: Glow of a Super New Moon

September 17, 2020

If anyone had mentioned the above term to me, when I was a kid, I’d have rolled my eyes. Everyone knew that a New Moon was invisible to the naked eye, so how could it be “super”. The explanation turns out to be: If the new moon is at its closest approach to Earth, in a month, it is a Super New Moon. So it is with this New Moon, and will be with the next two.

Under this New Moon, lots of things are happening. The “pop-up” hurricane, Sally, dumped a lot of rain-several feet, on Mobile and Pensacola, and brought with it a storm surge that, among other things, washed away a replica of the Columbian ship, Pinta.

I have seen a disturbing video, purporting to show Mr. Biden inappropriately touching a little girl, while her family members were distracted. There is a voiceover, “narrating” the scene, and sounding remarkably like some of the Bots who “narrated” the stuff about Pizzagate. Uncle Joe may, or may not have, pinched the little girl, in a sensitive area. It’s hard to tell from the video, but she was uncomfortable and moved away, right after the contact. As with all such videos, while I take the comments with several grains of salt, (Any video can be doctored or altered.), I know that, with people of a certain age, patting, or slapping, a girl on the buttocks is seen as an act of endearment. I am disgusted by such behaviour, though. The whole culture of NOT seeing children, teenagers or even grown women, as full human beings is something that can’t fade away fast enough. This video was taken five years ago, but still- Mr. Biden needs to acknowledge the issue and make some serious changes to how he is perceived. At the same time, his misbehaviour can’t become a Right-Wing trope. His opponent, after all, is hardly a paragon of virtue.

The whole concept of good forest management is being raised-especially with regard to the Oregon fires. It is not enough to simply blame Climate Change-especially when arsonists are to blame, for at least three of the fires. If the First Nations could maintain good forest management practices, well before Europeans arrived on this continent, modern man can certainly do the same.

Around here, a house burned down in nearby Prescott Valley-the huge cloud of black smoke suggests that a vehicle was parked in the garage that burned.

COVID numbers are up, just a bit, in Arizona-attributable, it is suggested, to Labor Day weekend. I worked in two schools this week, and saw a good deal less than high attendance. Reportedly, a second wave of the virus has hit parts of Europe and, as expected, it’s worse than the first outbreak. August is vacation month on the Continent, so maybe that has a lot to do with this.

In the meantime, I am getting my rest while I can, and fully expect to be deployed, somewhere, with the Red Cross, either Tuesday or shortly thereafter.

2 thoughts on “Fortnight of Transition, Day 9: Glow of a Super New Moon

  1. Well, I just watched the compilation. First there is no context. Second the video is attributed to several different groups one of which vehemently denies that it is their posting. The origin of the video is unknown. That in and of itself makes me suspect political shenanigans. I suppose if one took dozens of videos of my Father in-law, a case could be made that he was a “creepy old man” too with enough editing. I saw Biden moving hair – not in a creepy way. I saw him leaning down to speak to the children. And yes one little girl moved away from him – but his hands were never in an inappropriate place. She moved just like I would have at that age – not because of anything sexual or untoward but because I flat out didn’t like to be close to people. As for the right-wing – if this is their doing it is pitiful. I suppose they’ve forgotten all the misogynistic comments, sexual escapades, divorces, and affairs of the current President. Until Trump comes clean and turns over a new leaf for verified indiscretions, I don’t think Biden needs to acknowledge or apologize for a video that is likely a doctored piece of smear propaganda.
    On another note, my sister is in Pensacola Beach and Sally has done a number on the area. They are safe but the bridge connecting them to the mainland was hit by a barge removing a section. Currently it is a 45 mile detour to get to Pensacola. They are without electricity but have water…

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    • Careful viewing of such videos is always in order. For whatever reason, I get easily infuriated by ANY evidence of sexual misconduct-especially towards children. I know I have to double back and hold my tongue, until I have proof positive. I saw the footage of the destruction in Pensacola, The bridge and brand new fishing pier were terribly damaged. I am glad your sister is safe.


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