Fortnight of Transition, Day 12: Holding My Own

September 20,2020-

Three twenties in a row brought a few challenges with them. Someone who has enjoyed calling me out, on my perceived flaws, over the past few months, finally took my patience over the edge and has been banned from these sites. I’m sure the individual will show up, anonymously, just to prove that I have poor Internet security, but no matter.

Simply put, it is more imortant to me that the vast majority of people of good will may access these posts, than that I have airtight computer security, with a passphrase that has 100 characters, and is changed every five days. I have taken steps to minimize, if not eliminate, hacking- without taking on cybersecurity as a second job.

It was, otherwise, a very nice penultimate day of Summer, 2020. Two lovely Zoom-based devotionals-one honouring the late Helen Hamilton, about whom I wrote a memorial post, two weeks ago and the other honouring Race Unity, graced the morning and early afternoon.

It looks like a street fair that was to have taken place across the street from me was COVID canceled. I also had a rain check given me for a visit with friends north of here, as food canning took precedence for them.

This week brings what will pass for the start of Autumn, a dental check-up, anda possible second Red Cross deployment. September is not what is known as a “power month”, but it has called on me to sharpen a few skills of discernment and forebearance.

2 thoughts on “Fortnight of Transition, Day 12: Holding My Own

  1. I hope that you do not need to go anywhere – my sister says that the power is mostly restored in her area (Pensacola Beach) and there are many organizations (mostly church based) that have been providing short term assistance. There are many still struggling but it is not dire as for past hurricanes. After Laura and Marco,
    most people were able to quickly prepare for Sally. The military presence in Pensacola resulted in lots of MREs being distributed.

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    • It appears that my place is here, for the time being. Schools seem to need more help, and with my retirement from education little more than three months away, I should give it one more concerted effort.


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