Public Nuisances

October 12, 2020-

Today is Indigenous Peoples Day, as well as Thanksgiving Day in Canada. It’s also the day when three ships landed in a makeshift harbour, off what is now San Salvador/Guanahani Island, Bahamas and the commander of the expedition thought he was in India. A lot of things changed, after that event, in 1492. We’re still fixing some of the messes.

The mask/no mask debate goes on. Most people have learned to live and let live. Paper masks are a no-no, having been treated with the active ingredients used in Teflon. Other masks should be washed, in a diluted bleach solution, then thoroughly rinsed. I haven’t been ridiculed when I have worn a mask or scolded when I haven’t.

There are, though, public drunks and other miscreants who are going about, coughing on anyone, including a child, who is wearing a mask. Of course, they have to shout “COVID” and laugh uproariously at their own stupidity. Truth be known, there are legal precedents for people to be charged with assault, for doing these sorts of things.

We live in a society where the rights of such public nuisances are widely regarded as sacrosanct. While I am a believer in due process, going over the edge, especially towards a child, is never defensible. The more of these idiots who get caught, the better.

7 thoughts on “Public Nuisances

  1. Good grief! Who in their right mind would cough on a child and chant COVID while doing that??!! Today I had an idiot strolling around the grocery without a mask. He was pacing around and invading everyone’s personal space. I never saw him with a shopping basket or any groceries in his hands. I think he was just being obnoxious. He walked in front of me and I just faded backward to avoid him. There were others who if looks could kill would have committed murder! What a world we are living in!

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  2. I believe that the distance is the key… Crowds and small rooms/places with crowds are the problem. We, in Sweden, do not wear masks… and it works ok so far. Of coz if I had to be on the bus I’d put mask on, but …I think it’s depends on the situation, really. I don’t think its a good thing to make wearing masks obligatory.

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