As The Saints, and Others, March

November 1, 2020-

I read, this morning, about a sheriff in North Carolina who had his force fire pepper spray at a group of people who were marching towards a voting center. Our sheriff’s department here would do no such thing, nor would the city police. I do know that I would be mightily incensed by any attack on small children or elders, such as reportedly took place in that community. I would seek the removal of the offending officers, all the way to the top.

Last night, I drove downtown, wearing a 70s-style wig, and parked in a two-hour space. It was amazing, how many people were out and about, as if nothing was amiss. I opted to not set up my table, outside the apartment, this year, out of concern for public health. It seems many of my fellow citizens had no such qualms, though most of the costumed children and teens were wearing COVID-protocol masks. Still and all, I will do what I can to minimize the risk of infection. It was comforting enough, to go to a couple of favoured outdoor spots and listen to live music. My candy intake was limited to a frozen Mr. Goodbar Mini, which I found under a cold pack in the freezer.

Today is All Saints Day, which I recall from my days as a Roman Catholic as a time to honour all who have gone on, after living lives of service to others-or have at least earned the favour of highly-placed church officials. I still believe it’s a good thing to show appreciation for the good and decent people who came before us. They don’t have to be perfect, even if they are bestowed with the title “Saint”.

Tomorrow, at the end of Dia de los Muertos, I will find out whether I need to prepare to spend four days in jury duty. In the meantime, tomorrow will be a day for getting my car serviced, my body chiropractically-adjusted and laundry done. It may also be a good day for a haircut. I will refrain from eating any sugar skulls, though.

Birth Month is off to a fine start.

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