Vicarious vs. Hands-on

December 1, 2020-

I have reached the point, in my teaching career, where I can readily spot when people have had enough of theory and book learning, and really need to have the rubber hit the road. Today, covering for a Culinary Arts class, I saw that many students had reached this point.

Of course, COVID alters the manner in which food preparation can be done and there would need to be smocks and gloves worn, as well as face masks. The students, while making their concerns known, were gracious to a one and applied hemselves to the reading and writing lesson. Still, I’m an empath and felt their ennui. I wish to keep the learning process as hands-on as possible and that may require thinking out of the box.

It is a fine line that any of us walks, keeping in-person learning going, in this second wave of the disease. I will go into school, when I’m called, these next three weeks or so. I trust that most others will do the same-staff and students alike.

Speaking of hands-on, I am getting plenty of indicators that it’s time to up my exercise game. So, any day that I don’t work will mean either a robust hike or two hours at Planet Fitness, instead of the 30-45, that I’ve been doing. The squeaky wheels need plenty of grease.

4 thoughts on “Vicarious vs. Hands-on

  1. You have hit the nail on the head with the virtual learning! My niece and nephew are both complaining that they are bored with the lessons (9th and 8th grade). They are both eager to ditch the computer and do things. Alas there is very little they can do. So they’ve taken on dinner planning, preparation (shopping) and execution of an evening meal for the family twice a week. They have a shopping budget (math, problem solving) and then time management to be able to get all of it on the table at the same time. There are the skills of measuring and mixing and following directions along with the discovery of new cooking techniques. So far according to their mother and father , the meals have been a great success!

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  2. That’s cool. It’s too bad you guys couldn’t masks or decorate them or something, make them less of a burden and a thing of creativity to flaunt. I don’t know why they didn’t do something like that for children to begin with due to how stressful this is for them.

    I’m terrible at hands-on things. That doesn’t mean all is lost. One time I put a bookshelf together on my own… It turned into an excellent place to store clothes and shoes, not a bookshelf. I’ve learned a lot from mistakes. The only thing I’ve ever built correctly was a 3D castle made out of cardboard. I was obsessed with it though. I also stayed up for several days to beat Age of Empires.

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