February 7, 2021-

In keeping with a promise to feature arts and music that are specific to a particular area, let us go to Tampa, site of the Fiftieth Super Bowl and pay homage to Gasparilla Music Festival. Tampa’s professional football team is named the Buccaneers, reflective of the part that pirates played in the region’s colonial-era history. Jose Gaspar, a buccaneer of the early 19th Century, enjoyed a safe haven in the Tampa Bay region, as did many buccaneers before him.

The Gasparilla (pronounced like “gorilla”) Days run, ordinarily, from January-March. This year’s Gasparilla Music Festival is slated for April 17. Hopefully for Tampa, it will be safe enough by then, for at least a limited celebration. The Music Festival began in 2011. Here is a video explaining Gasparilla, followed by a sampling from 2014’s Music Festival.

May the best team win!

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