February 9, 2021-

Anything at all that we try to do

must in the end,

be of substance.

Dreams that consist of jumbled thoughts,

need to congeal,

to be revised into a cohesive set of ideas,

not necessarily linear,

in fact, better they are not linear at all.

It’s better they are spiral.

Sensible, but upwardly moving,

and in synchronicity

with our inner talents and faculties.

Like a jungle full of biomedicinal plants,

which are then cultivated,

in a natural way,

turning the rainforest into

a pharmacopea,

while not displacing

the people and animals

who call it home;

so can a jumbled mind

become a springboard

for the finest of ideas and concepts.

4 thoughts on “Substance

  1. An interesting post — I just responded to another in which the poster wrote that she enjoys the “experience of painting” more that “doing a painting” — this in the context of changes that have happened to each of us as a result of the changes wrought by Covid.

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