Season’s Change

February 27, 2021-

Often, around these parts, the approach of March brings somewhat warmer temperatures. This year, while the days are mostly comfortable-almost shirtsleeve weather, there is a cold tinge when the sun goes down. Maybe I am just too used to the warming phenomenon, of the past three decades, but I am feeling a throwback to the four seasons of my childhood- in which winter lasted until April and summer came in mid-June. Conversely, wearing a Halloween mask meant sweating profusely, even after dark.

The two times a year that I would get sick, and have to stay in bed for a day or so, were October into November and right about now. Bed rest and hot tea with honey and lemon did the trick, and it was back to business, the following day. This year, I had a half day of ennui and feel that tomorrow will be a lot more on an even keel. The hardest part is not being up to interacting with my friends, in a coherent way. Brain fog always accompanies change-of-seasonitis. So it was, earlier today.

I can only be grateful for the genes I was given, and the community that surrounds me-offering regular exercise options, wellness care and solid, caring friendships-for which I am honoured to reciprocate.

4 thoughts on “Season’s Change

  1. I wouldn’t get too excited about a return to more “normal” climate — an ice shelf broke off in Antarctica that is several times the size of Manhattan! In SoCal, we are way behind in terms of seasonal rainfall, with no rain in the forecasts for the next month or so. Our daytime temps are in the mid-70’s — it looks to me that summer is here already — and it’s only March 1!

    I’m sorry you’re not feeling well — and I’m reading that the second Covid shots are tough for 2-3 days. Take care, and feel better!

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  2. Our Halloweens were always pretty cold and rainy… It was a miracle if it was warm enough to out in just the costume and not have the winter/raincoat over it! It was warmer today but we have a forecast of some more cold temps and possible snowfall… Winter isn’t over here!

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