March 7, 2021- This morning, after ten years of my being a member, in good standing, of a veterans’ service organization, the matter of my Faith was raised-specifically that I am viewed by some, who I have known and with whom I’ve gotten along well for this past decade, as a “non-Christian”.

The context of this was with regard to a request that I serve again as the organization’s Chaplain, a post I held, with a good record of service and with no complaints registered, for two years, prior to embarking on several years of extensive travel. That latter stream of activity is set to resume in July of this year, and for that reason, I am declining the above request. An officer in a service organization needs to stay put-even in the days of Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

The larger issue here is that there is a shrinkage of the social circle of many people, partly a result of the political mayhem that has been afoot in this country, across the spectrum, for the past dozen years-if not longer, and partly because of a rising false narcissism, rooted in fear. Those I joined for breakfast, nearly each Sunday that I was in town, for the past ten years, have taken to talking only among themselves and shoving everyone else, including yours truly, to the sidelines. A culture of estrangement has taken root, which can only be detrimental to those who profess belief in the Paragon of Love. That embracing of parochialism has, from what I’ve seen in the past, only led to bitterness.

I cannot, and will not, turn aside from my Heavenly Father, in the name of a label. I cannot, and will not, let “estrangers” define who I am. So, with all prayer and loving regard for the members of said service organization, it’s time to move on.

4 thoughts on “Estrangers

  1. The divisiveness of the last few years has been more pervasive than just in politics, although I have also noticed that there is an entrenching that occurs as we age. I’m sorry your Sunday breakfast group has turned you aside — but you are wise in simply moving on. I do hope, though, that your upcoming travels will include a stop in South Orange County!

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      • We are still in lockdown (though how effective it is I’m not sure). We can dine outdoors but not indoors, and now if both parties are vaccinated, two weeks later we can dine indoors. Masks and appropriate distancing are still required. OC is still purple, meaning no large gatherings — nearing red, perhaps in another week or two, which allows some loosening of the rules. If things go as they are now, we should be ok for a visit by md-April — but stay tuned, because of concern about spring break!

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