The Unbroken Circle

April 18, 2021- One of the things I realized last night is that my true friends have stuck with me, over several ups and downs-and they are patient, through my peregrinations and inconvenient expressions of opinion. There are those, on the outer edge, who moved on at the earliest opportunity, but they never chose to come inside the circle.

There are friends who have worked at the most difficult of professions, and have shown nothing but fortitude. They are still delighted to see me, now and then. There are friends who are masters at making everyone who crosses their path feel welcome-and mean it. They wish that I would come around more often. There are friends who believe in the basic tenets in which I believe, and wish I could adhere even more to their way of thinking, but who make me feel cherished, anyway.

There are friends who hug, and mean every bit of it. There are friends who are content with a handshake-or an elbow bump, and will be glad when the pandemic is over. There are friends who prefer no physical contact-and that has nothing to do with COVID; it’s just who they are. Their hearts are still full of caring.

There are friends who are conservative, and merely want to see people earn what they get. There are friends who are progressive, and want to see long-standing wrongs get righted. There are friends who are in-between, and see worthy tenets on both sides. There are friends who are more comfortable with children and there are friends who prefer to be with elders. There are friends who prefer to be with only a few, select people.

They have all added a major blessing, or two, to my life, and I would be loathe to see any of them go. The true circle of friends remains unbroken, even as others come and go from its periphery.

2 thoughts on “The Unbroken Circle

  1. I’m glad you have a circle. I don’t. “All will be abandoned, none will rise.” — Breaking Benjamin. Okay, buddy, that’s pretty much my life. In reality, if a soldier, even those who were forced like me to commit crimes for their entertainment, leaves the military with a dishonorable discharge, they end up cast out. These new people are extremists. I received an honorable discharge, and I was hunted. If they wanted to doom me, they could have done it with paperwork, but again, they are extremists. Evolution has trained them all to hunt me anyway. Wah, wah. Now I have to keep poisoning people and killing them indirectly. I hate this place.


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