Pressure, Real and Imagined

April 25, 2021- As I hau

As I hauled my laundry basket to the car, this afternoon, I spoke a few minutes with landlord, learning that there are a variety of infrastructure issues piling up, on and around the quad. This will most likely mean a rent increase, next year. I will face that issue, at that time. For now, there is no pressure on us tenants, but he will be pressed to come up with a game plan.

Whilst engaged in said laundry, I received another IM from someone whose basic message is that he needs help raising money. There was a time when I felt a welling up of pressure, with a measure of guilt at my relative level of comfort. I have since become more at ease with the situation, and my mantra is that people in a given country/community need to band together and make change happen-rather than keep the refrain that people in developed countries had better kick into the kitty , or at least make a loan to the poor souls. (Personal loans, even in this country, rarely are paid back, even in part. I have paid mine, but that’s a whole other matter.)

There is also pressure, both real and imagined, regarding one’s use of time. I have discussed the matter of proliferating Zoom calls, in an earlier post. Usually, there are at least two Zoom sessions, both of which are ABSOLUTELY URGENT, occurring simultaneously. I have learned to excuse myself, with a smile, from the less urgent of the two-or however many are scheduled at the same time.

It is a blessing to finally know how to distinguish true urgency from the urgency that exists only in the mind of the hearer.

8 thoughts on “Pressure, Real and Imagined

  1. That’s good. I’ve put myself in other shoes a few times, in both error, and redemption. I used to work at Subway with a guy who was mentally challenged. All he could do was make sandwiches, which meant he could do anything in the back during his shift. I was like, what else do I have to do? Give me some stale cookies, and we’re even. I stayed like 2-3 hours extra when he went home without pay. The owner realized this after coming in one night. We looked at each other, and he left. In his mind, he was just happy that I wasn’t clocking my time for as long as I stayed, and I took my time, so I wasn’t suffering. It wasn’t that bad. I just didn’t try as hard to make it on time, no theft from my owner. Subway and I are even.

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  2. Letting the pressure roll off – water on a duck’s back – as my mother would say is the only way to maintain control over one’s time. A good friend was constantly getting requests from acquaintances and strangers for monetary assistance. He finally learned to say no. Those acquaintances were miffed that the bank was closed and declared that he was “no friend” but then he had never been a friend but just a convenient ATM… It certainly clarifies who your real friends are.

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