Around Hometown: Day 4

May 20, 2021, Saugus- In anyone’s life, priorities must be made, kept and never be fodder for apology. I took stock of my charitable efforts, this afternoon. They are, by any definition, responsibly generous. I will not apologize for not taking on additional causes, no matter how persistent and vocal the appellants are. There remains one appeal on Facebook, to GROUP contributions. If no one contributes, in three weeks’ time, that will end-and I will not apologize, no matter how harshly, or how widely, I am criticized. I have told those who might benefit, that there are no guarantees. Besides, I know, and people who know me best will concur, that I do not live for my own comfort, alone.

I felt better about myself today, observing the process of refuse collection and donation retrieval at the old family house. It is just about empty now, with a few boxes to be taken to Mom’s new residence. We had a vibrant and wonderful family dinner, this evening, at Teresa’s Italian Restaurant, in the town of MIddleton, about 10.5 miles north of here. Whatever tensions or differences of opinion might have arisen in the family, over the past several days, vanished, with the awareness that we were all here for Mom.

I will spend one more day here, visiting an old friend around Noon, and going back to Mom’s place in the early evening. Then, the road back to Arizona opens up, with the knowledge that I will be back here, in midsummer, to honour Mom’s progress in this new chapter of an incredible life.

2 thoughts on “Around Hometown: Day 4

  1. I am impressed that you and your family have emptied your mom’s long-time home so quickly! You definitely deserved that nice dinner together. Have a good, relaxing day tomorrow, and do drive carefully home!

    On another note, NOBODY has the right to dictate how you allocate your donations of money, or of time. I have donated to many groups in the past, narrowing and increasing my donations to just a few now. I still receive requests from many of the past groups — if by phone, I simply tell people I can’t help them at this time; if by mail, the appeals are pitched, often unopened, or opened only to shred the forms that identify me.

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