Just So Much Skin in The Game

June 15, 2021- After reading my horoscope, which said not to make financial decisions today, I spent a delightful morning at Phippen Museum of Western Art, on Prescott’s north side, with my hiking buddy. Given that it was too hot for any outside activity, enjoying various paintings, sculptures and Native American handicrafts was a fine way to appreciate the Southwest. It also gave A.K. a possible outlet for creativity, during the rest of the hot weather. The Phippen offers affordable painting classes, once a week.

I have no qualms about sharing time and energy, as these imply that the other people involved will invest the same. Money, as I’ve said before, is a different matter. People often throw out- “The more you give, the more you get”, in a guilt-mongering manner. I have said, more times than I have cared to, that my fair share of coin goes to those in need. So, I set a hard and fast limit on the amount going towards a socioeconomic development project in another country. This generated a sarcastic comment, that I have such “an elevated sense of brotherhood”. I actually view that as a compliment. What I am not doing for one person, in perpetuity, is balanced by what I am doing for others. I want to see just how much the individual will pull himself together, working with others to build a communal dream. I will “beseech God to guide him”-as Baha’u’llah teaches us.

My parents gave us only so much, in the way of financial and material assistance, and I believe each of us are the better for it.

4 thoughts on “Just So Much Skin in The Game

  1. I’ve given away a lot of money. I usually find that it’s counterproductive. You’re probably buying them weapons anyhow. They use the people who are about to die to garner funds. They don’t have much of a chance.

    You’re wasting your time.

    One time, I tried to help this guy on the internet who wouldn’t stop trying to marry me, how to get funds to manifest. He listened, and then he asked to marry me again. It’s like, you don’t want to. You will be trapped in a boring city with a fat, disabled woman. He wouldn’t have any chances at a future here. It’s not that difficult to make money in the US, but since it’s so simple, it’s guarded. No, I am not delusional about my abilities. I’m not saying I’d be a billionaire or anything.

    I ask for money all the time now. I pay some of it back. There was no point in having a moral compass. You can’t value anything with “them” around.

    Let us all confess to people who do the same thing as being spoiled or to any cliche everyone reacts to. Whatever you want to believe, buddy.

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    • I believe, I KNOW, that I have reached my limit with said individual, so you’re right- I’d be wasting my time and other resources, propping up one person, to the exclusion of everyone else. I would not even do that for my adult son-unless, God forbid, he becomes totally disabled.


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