Catching, as Catch Can

June 28, 2021- When I was in the military, one of my snarkier quad mates was fond of saying “Catch as catch can”, when he or others interrupted someone’s sleep in the middle of the night, or when food was in short supply. That phrase has, ever since, been a burr in my saddle-as if life is meant to be an endless competition, with the cup ever half empty-and “Oh, well”. I know that some, including one of my regular commenters, see the world that way-and more’s the pity.

I have learned to face life’s struggles a bit more stoically, and with a view towards getting through the matter, and drawing a lesson from it. This morning, I left Carson City, around 5:30, after a heartwarming and very full five day visit with extended family. The drive from Nevada’s capital city, to within forty five miles of Las Vegas, was smooth as silk and included stops at two of my favourite “Outback” places: Beans and Brews, in Tonopah and Fort Amargosa-across from the Area 51 Alien Center. There are, in fact, any number of places where one may get a warm welcome, between LV and the Reno/Carson area.

Smooth was the road, with little traffic; then came Indian Springs. The normally sleepy town, centered on Creech Air Force Base, was the scene of a traffic standstill, precipitated by a call to the US Air Force, claiming that a bomb was at Creech’s main gate. US 95 was thus closed, in both directions, for well over an hour. Now, the 200 or so people sitting in, or milling around, their vehicles were learning another connotation of the aforementioned phrase. We were catching comfort, as catch we could. I was able to do just fine, by shutting the engine off, and rolling down the windows. Every so many minutes, we were allowed to move forward, about a hundred feet or so. That was when I would put on the AC, for a 3-5 minutes, though it was, relatively speaking, not that hot.

Just after 2 p.m., the all-clear was given. I learned a bit about how to handle a certain emergency, in tie-ups like this, by watching how the party in front of me employed a 5′ x 10′ bit of fabric as a curtain. All in all, the sense of stoicism was pretty much universal, though, especially after word came from the front of the line that law enforcement was involved. Not much else was disclosed, at the time- I would learn of the bomb hoax later, whilst having dinner at Yesterdays, a small cafe in the old mining town of Chloride.

A hoax is just inconvenient, though. I feel for all those who lost loved ones in Surfside, FL and those who are enduring record heat in the Pacific Northwest. May there be relief, and soon.

8 thoughts on “Catching, as Catch Can

  1. Sometimes, I’m surprised I’m even alive. It takes me a few hours to get ready in the morning some days. If my cycles aren’t mixed. The meds I take try to anchor me to my bed. My cats are humble and don’t bother me. They’ve been food secure for a long time. I’m 34 and now passing through life. It’s fairly uneventful. I’m swimming in place until I eventually go under and die.

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  2. I wish I could leave this city. I was also hoping that I would take the targets out, and it would be the last time. You don’t know how insulting articles about death squads are. There are plenty of them that advertise and are quite vocal. Maybe I should work on destroying the FBI. Not only did they essentially cater to my in the psychward before the guardianship, threaten me, and do other things. I tried to get them to take dad’s weapons away in the recent past. They know he’s crazy. He was talking about things, including the desire to have sex with me and my brother’s penis size. They read everything we write and/or do. They can tap any line. After I did that, they followed me around in a rude way all day. They can have Jon all they want. They should employ him. They want to make me feel helpless. I can’t feel much of anything. Back to the psych ward on the naval base in the army, he didn’t have any power. The special agents were mad I got out of their entrapment. And yes, I’m schizophrenic. I wrote them a letter about the movie, but it had extra details because of my disorder. They were also mad over emails I sent my dad after he called my command and such. No, of course, this wouldn’t be me in the video. They make videos about killing people, targets. But I’m schizophrenic, so it never happens. The girl is not me, but it’s about me, and all it did was focus on the bulimia and the fact i was bleeding everywhere. The only place I can go to get away from these people is Russia, but of course, I’m worthless.

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  3. Also, the FBI is a threat to national security, so I am. I’d go with Durov. I tried calling places over and over. Screw decency. Come on, baby. Would they put that in the paper? Nobody will ever help me.

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