What Gives?

July 31, 2021- Stopping by one of my favourite local eateries, this morning, I received the jarring news that the owner of the establishment had come close to death, while I was away. He has recovered somewhat, but was still in an upset frame of mind when I saw him briefly.

There is a shortage of those willing to work, in our community, as elsewhere across the country. Some blame the recovery checks sent out earlier this year. Others point to the continued unemployment benefits being distributed. Having had to collect such benefits, on a few occasions in the past, I find that hard to fathom. Besides, the satisfaction of a job well done far outweighs the dubious bliss of lazing about in bed all day-but maybe that’s just my upbringing talking.

July, and the second journey back East this year, have come to an end. I won’t be leaving the Southwest again this year, barring a family emergency. The cost of the unexpected, but necessary, first trip, in May, and a freely-made investment in an enterprise that has turned out to be a money sink, have used the amount that I budgeted for a European visit, slated for this Fall. I don’t begrudge the entrepreneurs who asked for my contribution, but it is obvious that they did not think the whole thing through, thus their requests for continued donations-which I am refusing. Sometimes, the best thing one can do for another is to let him/her hit rock bottom.

I will make shorter journeys, in the months ahead: A memorial hike, on the Navajo Nation, is tentatively slated for mid-August; a visit to southern California is in the works for mid-September and I plan to spend 1-2 weeks in New Mexico, in mid-October, visiting and re-visiting some favourite parts of the Land of Enchantment. As COVID has pushed everything backward, 2022 looks to be busy enough: Spending time with friends and family in the Deep South, in February-early March; Trans-Canada and across the northern tier of the U.S., in May-early June and the postponed European visit, in October- mid-November. 2023-25 will bring other peregrinations, as well.

One of the most overused cliches in our culture is: “The more you give, the more you get.” I’ve found that usually comes from those who sit back and watch others get taken for a ride. At any rate, I am not buying into the cynicism and the chortling. No one person can be expected to raise others up, in perpetuity, It takes a community tide to lift all boats.

12 thoughts on “What Gives?

  1. Ok, I promise I’m not crazy. Or maybe I am, either way is it weird to want to hug a stranger? When I read your post, many times it’s as if I’m walking in your shoes. Emotions run wild, tears, giggles. You are very special & I hope to cross paths one day. By the way, it was that last sentence that got to me. Be safe during your travels.

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  2. Well, I think it has to do with culture. We were taught in school that, “the best impress, so screw all the rest.” We then worship the best and think anyone less is useless while punishing the vulnerable in society who can barely walk at this point. When we work low-income jobs, the debt monsters come at us with, “You should have gone to school” or “at least you work” while they kick us out of their “productive” social groups. Since I’m stupid (no offense to myself), they must be geniuses, too. I can’t work normal jobs, and I was indirectly unworthy of something that has cost them a lot more than what they took. Since I have a disability, I am weak and lazy and pathetic. I get comments like, “If your life is so bad, why don’t you end it?” They go for sheer soul crushing. I was actually more productive when I worked, even at art. Now I have to take naps if I get over stimulation, which I can’t even predict. I’m trying to become a writer from home, but it’s going to take me a while.

    This generation has been desensitized, demoralized, and are bankrupt with no self-actualization. Tons of places around me are hiring, and people drive their cars, not even looking at the signs. They’ll demand their debt be lowered and that I shouldn’t have resources, etc.

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    • It is beyond me, why people work at a job-an easy job, for FOUR DAYS, then text message their co-worker and say “Tell the boss that I quit, This job is too stressful. ” Something else is at work here, and it does have to do with the elites, sending out easy money, whilst snickering at the great unwashed. That’s why I like Co-ops and Intentional Communities-everyone gets the benefits of contributing to the whole.


      • Yes, I know. I wish I could work. I’m not allowed to be in healthcare due to schizophrenia anyway, but I love old people and don’t mind cleaning up feces. Everyone else quits after the first day or so, which is really difficult for the patients like my grandma who needs them to talk to and establish a trusting relationship. Yes, it’s a low paying job, but it is more rewarding than other jobs.

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