Ignorance is Bliss?

August 30, 2021- So, I am looking at a letter which says that, because someone in another person’s community is likely to be jealous of his success, should he build a network of support, I should just give him the money, quietly, and no one will get their feathers ruffled. I am not following the logic, other than the individual adhering to a beggar mentality. It will get him nowhere, of course, but ignorant attitudes die hard.

So it is, with several of the major newspapers in this country, squawking about how imperfect the rescue efforts in Kabul have been. I doubt any of the media moguls who are complaining right now would do any better than the current President, or his three most recent predecessors. In fact, several of those who are the loudest critics were, only a week ago, saying that those Afghans who served our efforts there should stay put and that they were just goldbricks, trying to get a free ride to our country. I am not impressed by the mentality that anything our President does is wrong.

Fire, water, and wind wreak havoc across this country, and several others around the world, and yet those who have theirs are aghast at “the cost of infrastructure repair and of combatting the effects of climate change.” What do they think is going to happen, while destruction continues, God knows what diseases follow Delta, and people in power are sitting on their hands, because procedure has to be followed? A voice of reason, from Louisiana, has called for an end to the mad delusions of his fellows in the U.S. Senate, and elsewhere. Good for him!

Ignorance is leading to the opposite of bliss, and it’s time for those who are suffering to send the U.S. Senate, the Supreme Court and the likes of The Washington Post and The New York Times a clear message-nonviolently, of course, but loud and clear, all the same.

We, the People, have had enough.

10 thoughts on “Ignorance is Bliss?

  1. My mom makes me laugh. I think I’ve paid at least 35 times for the bed I broke in HS. She doesn’t have a better mentality, there is something wrong with her. Mental illness is near non-existent, real mental illness, so it confused me. According to a relative, she hit her head a lot as a child for no reason. She’s super smart, but you can’t feed into her desire to drain you. She’s not a bad person. She made us all into poor mouths, however. I’m fighting my mooching problem. Even when I worked all the time, I didn’t have a problem asking someone to use their computers or for paper. In the middle classes, people are expected to give to the poor. We looked like it because of mom.

    Everyone will place that on me for my pension. I am disabled. I said I would work there, and they agreed to terms. I shouldn’t go over my allowance, however. Today I essentially gave someone my freezer of food. I asked her for a dollar, and she wanted to give me a bunch a money she shouldn’t. She probably doesn’t have much, as I went inside. She got sweet potatoes, a giant bag of salmon, and tons of vegetables from me. The soda thing with her is, indeed, because I can’t tell them difference between my blood sugar dropping and normal schizophrenia or brain damage. My sister won’t buy me a good meter and the VA won’t give me one. I gotta stop mooching.

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      • You never know about the brain. It doesn’t show all of the damage on scans. I have lesions in my frontal lobes from an injury and some other stuff. It’s been 11 years since the injury, but I still get these horrible headaches every now and then. I used to have olfactory hallucinations from the injury. My nurse told me that I was having seizures. I’ve had a couple of seizures. Everyone thought I was dying in aerobics, and it lasted like 5 seconds. It made my left leg shake. All I remember is looking at the clock then a blank gap.

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