And After The Ending…..

September 24, 2021- The tough little road warrior took to squealing its displeasure, as soon as I popped the trunk. The alarm, that we all figured was dead, went off and stayed squawking, almost until the trunk was empty. It took less than an hour to clear everything out of the Elantra and transport it back to Home Base. My farewell to Elantra was shortened by the presence of a visibly irritated yard manager, at the body shop to which I had taken it. My friend’s car was taking up much needed space in the yard, so with one last tap on the road warrior’s roof, we left it to its destiny with USAA.

Picking up the rental, which I will pretty much need until the next car is purchased, was quick and easy. Ditto for processing the Transfer of Title and another document. It was the practical end to a strange, dreamlike 36 hours. I looked online, at several used car sites, and knowing the severity of the computer chip shortage, am mentally set for a rather long haul.

The evening was sweeter. I went downtown and joined the local rally for Earth, dubbed Climate Strike. Several friends were present, with a young lady I love as if she were my daughter being one of the leading organizers. I am very proud of her efforts and those of the earnestly involved team. With few, if any, exclusionary statements, the speakers stressed the importance, to every resident of this planet , of making efforts at curbing pollution and taking whatever practical steps that can be taken to ameliorate the daily and intermediate-term effects of climate change-whether it be in the form of extreme heat or extreme cold; whether it means extended drought or an increase in the frequency and severity of storms. The key term here is sustainability.

As I spent time, after the rally, sipping iced tea and enjoying an evening of funky music, at Raven Cafe, Annie and two friends walked in, offered a cheerful greeting and went upstairs to the roof patio. Knowing we have one another’s back, my friends and I also let time flow, being together sometimes and doing our own things, the rest of the time.

My back is slowly but steadily recovering, less stiff today than yesterday and will get better soon.

4 thoughts on “And After The Ending…..

  1. I’m glad you were able to relax last evening, and also that you’re feeling somewhat better today. The body has a way of healing itself — it just takes a little longer now than it used to do! Take care, and drive carefully!!!

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  2. Sad to see your “road warrior” come to the end of the road – but in the spirit of sustainability I’m certain that it will be nearly completely recycled! I hope your next car is as dependable!! Glad to hear you are feeling better. Those kind of accidents can really cause a lot of aches and pains not immediately recognized – so good to hear you are on the mend!

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    • I am in Day 3 of resilience and find I just need to keep taking things slowly, for a week or two. I am first in line for a 2007 Saturn Vue, which will be ready for transfer in mid-October. Until then, I can rely on a rental car.


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