The Quiet Sunday, Long Ago

December 7, 2021- People were worshipping, others were fishing, on the vast expanse of Pearl Harbor.

The churchgoers would think of picnicking, the fishers, of cleaning and grilling their catch.

Sailors, Marines and soldiers were lolling about their bunks, or maybe going out for a morning jog.

Approaching from the west, aviators, operating in stealth, let loose with a steady barrage of firepower.

Everyone who was aboard ship became a gunner. The targets did their level best to turn the tables. The attackers carried the day, but the victory was Pyrrhic.

Imperial Japan had awakened a giant, whose ferocity and tenacity would rain far worse devastation on the people who could not look their Emperor in the eye.

The experience of Japan should be a cautionary tale, to all who dream of worldwide hegemony.

Will the ones who now dream of such an empire take heed?

2 thoughts on “The Quiet Sunday, Long Ago

  1. Gary this is chilling. Your description of the “day that will go down in infamy” makes me catch my breath but the question at the end makes me shiver in fear. I wonder if they have a long enough memory or if they have ever learned that history…

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    • Each generation seems to want to learn history on its own terms. I was gratified yesterday, when a couple of boys were reading about The Boston Massacre of 1770, on their own. There is a part of our collective psyche that knows just how inhumane we have been with one another, at least over the last 10,000 years.


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