A Good Thing

February 15, 2022- Many people seem to be off-track, these past few days. Those on whom I might have placed trust, in the past, to the extent I trust anyone, seem distracted and less than reliable. It’s a good thing that I trust mostly myself, my immediate family-and a close friend or two. I have had my own encounters with the strange energy that seems to have permeated the community.

My spirit guides have advised not using essential oil drops, when I take water with my supplements at night. That seems to have a calming effect-too much of anything is not beneficial. I also am remembering the maxim, from the Four Agreements, that nothing others do has anything to do with me. Every soul has own struggles. It’s a good thing to remember, in days like these.

The wind, Covid, the full moon, overwork-any or all of these could be behind the odd behaviours I’ve been witnessing. So far, these don’t seem to be affecting the kids. My next gig is on Thursday, with a well-mannered and hard-working set of 10-11 year olds. It’s a good thing that much of this energy will have passed by then.

4 thoughts on “A Good Thing

  1. Thank You, Gary, for the reality check. There has been a ‘funky mood’ with several of my FB buddies. The truth be known, I too have had a long three months of feeling ‘off’ that seems to be lifting. Holiday Blues, C-19+D+O fatigue, plus, SAD has caught up with many of us. I pray you, our friends and the kids are able to rally for a joyful Spring!

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